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Latest Online Shopping Experience With Oriflame (India) Website


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Oriflame Packaging in Aoril 2014 - An Oriflame Consultant's Experince of Online Shopping From Oriflame (India) Website

Oriflame makeup and skincare products - An Oriflame Consultant's Experince of Online Shopping From Oriflame (India) Website

Oriflame April Catalogue - An Oriflame Consultant's Experince of Online Shopping From Oriflame (India) Website

Oriflame Online SHopping Invoice - An Oriflame Consultant's Experince of Online Shopping From Oriflame (India) Website

Before you read ahead, let me confirm that this is just an update of my experience with Oriflame India website. Though I am a consultant and I love Oriflame products (this is the first reason why I became a consultant so I can enjoy their products without waiting for another consultant to bring them to me and this is why i always encourage people to become consultant instead of asking for just one product if you have a credit/debit card because this is how you can pay them online. And this long sentence just became my pitch for you becoming an Oriflame consultant!)

Date of Purchase: 28th march 2014
Date of Shipping: 4 April 2014
Courier Service: Greater Noida - Individual
Paid via: Credit Card
Very Me Lipmania Lipstick in Flirty Pink (Sad! these are unavailable online now!)
Very Me Smoothie foundation in Sand - This foundation is perfect for medium skin tone and provides sheer to medium coverage. I don't like wearing foundations on daily basis but this is one I can rock 365 days long! [ READ : REVIEW OF VERY ME SMOOTHIE FOUNDATION]

My experience with Oriflame website is same as it would be with any other websites like they shipped on so and so date and they took these many days to deliver etc. except one thing. Oriflame, despite of being such a huge name in the market, does not list our last orders products, does not send any email confirming the invoice, payments etc nor they keep it on the website. Website is complicated in terms of shopping, and consultant's profile. Oriflame India should hire a good website developer and before that they should start sending confirmation of purchases through email and sms. 

Also they need to make changes so consultants can change their address and other contact info after logging on to their accounts.

Once these changes are made the experience would be better!

What was your experience like with them and what do you think of the changes I demand here?

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Lingerie Trends to Look Out for in Spring Summer 2014


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Enamor - Lingerie Trends to Look Out for in Spring Summer 2014

Enamor - Lingerie Trends to Look Out for in Spring Summer 2014

Enamor - Lingerie Trends to Look Out for in Spring Summer 2014

Enamor - Lingerie Trends to Look Out for in Spring Summer 2014

Enamor - Lingerie Trends to Look Out for in Spring Summer 2014

Enamor - Lingerie Trends to Look Out for in Spring Summer 2014

With the change in seasons, one also sees a metamorphosis in fashion trends. Deep, rich and dark colours of autumn give way to brighter tones, colourful patterns and bold prints. Here are a few tips on what to expect this summer to keep your innerwear just as trendy and colourful as your outerwear –


Summer makes way for bigger, bolder and more colourful prints. Traditional brown animal print makes way for spots and stripes with tones of blue, pink, red and orange.  Also, fresh on the scene are floral prints, both bold and delicate. Don’t miss out on bright prints with painterly digital florals all over the cups. While one can see small floral embellishments on lingerie, taking the spot light this season are big prints on the fabrics itself in hues of bright purple, pink, blue, and green. Brighten up your lingerie wardrobe with fun and girly polka dotted prints, not your traditional black and white polka dots, you get lingerie with white polka dots on colours like pink, yellow, purple.



This season opaque and thick fabrics take a back seat and to fabrics which are airy, fluid and have an element of transparency. Sheer fabrics make a big comeback this season with a tasteful play of soft fabrics such as diaphanous mesh and sparkly lace. Keeping with the trend, lingerie is now available in honey coloured tones of delicate fabrics that give you an element of sensuous transparency. Sheer and transparent cups in flesh tones with an overlay of delicate glittery lace add an elegant touch and highlight your curves better.  Not only that, these fabrics work well for the hot summer and allow you to feel and look comfortable even in the bright sunshine.


Making it big this season are vibrant bright happy tones as well as honeyed muted flesh tones. Keeping with the freshness of summer, hot pink, sunshine yellow, tropical turquoise, fresh salmon and electric greens and coral are the hot colors trending now. Look out for glittery lace and hues of gold which add a sense of sensuality and style, accented with fresh salmon for a contemporary twist.

Another color trending this season are bright shade of orange, be it coral, tangerine or neon shades of orange. Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, these shades of orange are the hottest new colors trend for the spring and summer that will give a break to your wardrobe from all of those neutral colors. Fresh salmon is the new black this summer fashion is and adds the perfect pop to any simple outfit and can easily be made into a fashion statement.

As your wardrobe gets a makeover for the new season so does your lingerie! Don’t know where to start? Begin by discarding all old lingerie that you do not need anymore, this will give you a better idea of what key pieces are missing. Use our style guide to complete your lingerie wardrobe with the trendy and key pieces that every woman needs!

Glitzies - Fabulously Glamorous
Price point - 550-1400/-

Girlies - Fabulously Feminine
Price point - Rs.550 - 1200/-

Trendies - Fabulously Fashionable
Price point – Rs. 280-800/-

Dailies - Fabulously Comfy
Price Point – Rs.250 - 850 /-

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Do You This About Gel Nails?


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          Busting Myths on Gel nails – by Lakmé Salon

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of nail polish to help you complete your look. Even better, being able to flaunt those beautiful nails for 2-3 weeks. Style Gel is best recommended to Working Professionals who have to be groomed all the time. It is a time saving service. Sounds like a dream, but is it safe for your nails? There are a lot of myths about gel nails that range from silly to outrageous.

Experts from Lakmé Salon share some interesting facts about Gel nails. 

Gel manicures are a relatively new trend.

Here's how it works:  a special type of gel polish is applied to the nails and then cured under a UV or LED light. This hardens the polish into a glossy coat that's super durable and resists chipping. Unlike acrylics, you don't have to drill or file down your natural nails. Gel nails are also odorless and don't require the same harsh chemicals to apply. So you end up with a manicure that stays chip-free and shiny for up to four weeks. And best of all, they dry instantly!

Human anatomy, states that nails cannot “breathe” in principle. There is no oxygen in the nail plate, and it does not need it. Nails, teeth, hair are all dead fabric, within which there are very thin channels to produce oil or moisture. That’s why our nails shine and do not break. If there was air at the top of the plate, not even super materials would stick to it.

The emission spectrum in lamps used for drying the gel, differs from the lamps in the tanning bed. Hence unlike what most people think, it most certainly does not cause skin cancer.

Acetone should never be used on gel nails or even normal nails as they damage the nail bed, alternately one must use a nail remover. You can apply a different nail color on your Gel colors nails and can remove it with a Nail Polish Remover. Your Gel color will continue to remain intact & you will also get a change in style.

Do’s and Don’ts for Gel Nails

Lakmé Salon Experts put together some Do’s and Don’ts that will help your gel nails last longer-


  - Don’t expose your nails to harsh chemicals, petroleum products, abrasives or household cleansers to avoid crumbling of gel nails.
 - Don’t bite or cut your nail extensions as it can shatter damaging your natural nail plate.
 - Don’t glue broken or lifted extension nails. Glue isn’t watertight.
 - Don’t use your nail extensions to open cans, or anything else that puts them at risk of breaking.
 - Don’t use acetone or regular nail polish remover.
 - Don’t gouge dirt from under your nails with pins, needles, metal nail files or any other sharp object. You may cause infection under nail.


- RESPECT your skin, nails & health. Wear rubber gloves for all cleaning, scouring, sanding, painting etc.
- FILE ONLY. Preferably, get your nail technician to do this.
- When damaged, get your nails REPAIRED by your nail technician as soon as you can.
- Remember, your nail extensions are JEWELS not TOOLS. While nail extensions is tough, it is not indestructible!
- Use ACETONE FREE nail polish remover ONLY!
- Soak fingers in warm water & mild soap 5-10 minutes to soften dirt, then scrub gently underneath nail with a nail brush or soft toothbrush.

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The Art Of Fashion | Splash SS14 Fashion Show


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 The Art Of Fashion | Splash SS14 Fashion Show

The Art Of Fashion | Splash SS14 Fashion Show

The Art Of Fashion | Splash SS14 Fashion Show

The Art Of Fashion | Splash SS14 Fashion Show

The Art Of Fashion | Splash SS14 Fashion Show

The Art Of Fashion | Splash SS14 Fashion Show

Celebrating the concept of art is fashion, the recently concluded Splash Spring Summer’14 fashion show explored varied possibilities of art applied to garments, where each was seen as a blank canvas for free artistic expression.Titled ‘Art of Fashion’, the show featured this season’s newest works of art which will be seen hanging in all Splash stores across the Region. Held at Dubai Studio City, the show enthralled a 3000 strong audience of style-conscious aficionados from across the Region.

Tugging at the season’s trends Splash presented an inspiring and artful new collection that draws from the bold work of pop art to influences of tribal artistry to the structure of constructivism and the surrealism of prints. The posh, contemporary evening saw 45 international models sashay down the catwalk which was an industrial space created into an art gallery, offering a clean, minimalist and urban feel. The entire set used only three colours white, teal and grey while real colours were added by way of custom-made art installations and the runway collection.

Inspired by the season’s trends and the recently concluded catwalk extravaganza, Raza Beig, CEO, Splash & ICONIC, said," At Splash we have always strived to work on unique concepts and sets and this season we got inspired by the fact that fashion is an art form and one that is very influential. A season that is all about structure and minimalistic fashion our runway was a mix of pop to abstract art to nuances of tribal art and surrealism as we presented a collection of high street must haves.”

“With an aim to maximize the reach of our shows and celebrate fashion on a larger scale, we live streamed our 3 shows on all our social media platforms along with other leading online platforms across the Region, where a million or more fans and consumers watched the show.” Raza added further.

As the 20 minute action on the ramp came to a halt, the art gallery setting of the show was instantly converted into the after party arena where guests danced into the wee hours of the night on the latest hits.The VIP show was attended by UAE’s crème de la crème where Raza Beig walked the red carpet for the finale along with Nisha Jagtiani, amidst a thunderous round of applause. Continuing with the lineup of the two consumer shows, fashion followers and Splash customers also got a taste of the season’s most awaited runway action across 2 shows earlier in the evening.

With the SS’14 blockbuster trends already at the top of every fashionistas shopping list, the Splash runway married themes beautifully with each other to offer high-voltage fashion. The show started with Popism, a trend that exhibits the surge of pop inspired fashion and is influenced heavily by the likes of Andy Warhol and Roy Litchenstien.  Application of artwork to garments with a strong primary colour palette and bold geometric patterns this was one of the boldest collection so the runway.  Next in line was Sketch Art where freedom of expression is key with sketching, paint splatter and scribble inspired prints forming the core. Just as art combines opposite textures on a canvas, the Splash collection included combinations like sheer with solid, shiny with matt and embellishments with strong clean modern lines, bringing a whole new dimension to clothing.Dominating the runway were trends like cubism and constructivism which are key for the season in terms of shape influences and introducing a clean minimalist fashion future.

The season promises to be print dominated with the most conversational prints and bold designs where photo-real surrealist collages are fashioned and applied to formal jackets, casual tees and sweaters. The mixture of abstract art and visually impactful brush strokes are applied to garments as if painted by hand offering a line-up of head turning pieces. Last but not the least is Tribalism, a popular theme that is reborn in a whole new form. Bold and bright ikat tribal designs with flashes of neon with a big emphasis on body conscious silhouettes are must haves. Not to be left behind are accessories with particularly artful designs like fruit adorning neckpieces, clutch bags with raffia fringing and oversized tassel decorations.

A combination of visually stimulating and thought provoking collection the, Splash SS'14 wardrobe presented on the runway will be available from now until June’14 in store.

While all the looks from the catwalk are available on and for choosing your favorite pieces and in case you want to revisit moments from the show tune in to

About Splash:
Headquartered in Dubai, Splash is Middle East’s largest fashion retailer and part of the Landmark Group, one of the biggest retail conglomerates in the Middle East, India and Africa. Founded in 1993 as a single brand store in Sharjah, Splash has grown to over 200 stores and 50 brand stores across 14 countries.
Showcasing popular collections for men, women and teens, Splash has revamped its existing product portfolio and introduced a uni-brand concept across its stores providing a comfortable and easy shopping environment. Alongside, Splash also houses a gamut of international brands under its portfolio like Lee Cooper, Bossini, ELLE and Being Human among others. Celebrating Turning 20, Splash has roped in Salman Khan as the brand ambassador and introduced a new brand campaign ‘Love Splash, Love Fashion’ that plays on the brand's long standing affair with fashion.
As a brand Splash believes in constantly being a trend-setter in the region and has successfully created some of the biggest and most popular brand properties/events like the bi-annual fashion shows, the Limited Edition Calendar launches which have now become part of the social calendar of the Region. With constant revamping of the marketing portfolio, newer forms of communication are added and channelled to keep the consumer involved.  

Splash has received several significant industry accolades that include being awarded the “Superbrand” status 2013 which is fourth in a row for the brand along with a ‘Powerbrand’ status for 2013. Also listed in Forbes Arabia’s “Top 40 Arab Brands” list, Splash has also been awarded at the Grazia Style Awards 2010, as ‘Best place to Spend AED 500’. A winner of several marketing awards of great significance, Splash has also won the Most Admired Marketing Campaign at the Retail ME Awards 2011 along with the Most Admired Retailer award.


Stay connected with Splash -

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Exclusive! Mirari Cherry Blossom Collection


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 Chitrangda Singh for Mirari Cherry Blossom Collection
The Parure Necklace by Mirari Cherry Blossom Collection

The Parure Earrings by Mirari Cherry Blossom Collection

Chitrangda Singh for Mirari Cherry Blossom Collection


Little girls bring smiles to everyone's face, just as a blooming flower does. The name 'NANHI KALI' comes from the idea that a girl child is like a delicate bud that blooms into a flower and spreads joy and fragrance everywhere.

In our attempt to bring in a contribution to the Nanhi Kali initiative, we present the 'CHERRY BLOSSOM parure'. Cherry blossoms are an important part of the Japanese art and culture. They represent innocence, simplicity and spring. They mark the arrival of new beginnings and bring hope and dreams of greater things to come. The pale pink and white colors of the flower associate righteously with the innocence and charm of little girls. The flowers start blooming in early March and only remain till about 2 weeks. During this time the tree bursts into a full bloom and is entirely covered in delicate pink flowers. According to Buddhist tradition, the breathtaking but brief beauty of the blossoms, symbolize the transient nature of life. 

The flower eventually turns into fruit. This act of nature is a way of giving, a way to provide for everyone.

Our contribution comes with a similar idea. An idea of taking the child through this significant stage of life and helping her become a person who is not just independent but is also able to contribute to the society, to mankind. It is more about bringing meaning to her life.


The parure is a set of a necklace and matching earrings. The necklace comes in two lines. The upper line is detachable and the lower single line can be worn independently. At the centre of each flower is a hexagonal shape Mozambique ruby. These rubies have a diamond in each corner as prongs. The centre is surrounded by fancy shape diamonds. The flowers are studded in pink and orange sapphires and the twigs in emeralds. Diamonds outline the petals to give a feeling of settled snow. The flowers are held together with ruby studded cherries that go around the neck. The necklace comes with complementing earrings.

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