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Note: This post includes the over all experience with; hence a lot of reading.

I wouldn't say NO to at least two things EVER - Shopping and Spa Sessions. Keeping this in mind, I bought a deal for INR 999 = $ 21.80 from Deals and You. This package was worth INR 3500 = $ 76.36 so it seemed a great deal, of course. It included head to toe rejuvenation pack with Chandan body and Face Massage, Manicure and Hair Care.

image courtsey of Chandan Sparsh.

After I placed an order:

I received a confirmation email from Deals and You. As per the email I was supposed to receive my coupon within two working days. I wasn't expecting it to arrive before 7 days but my expectations were shattered when i received my coupon on the third day including a Sunday. WOW experience.

The coupon was easily comprehensible and has mentioned the amount I had paid, the services I would avail including the information about Chandan Sparsh with the contact details and address. There was nothing that could be wrong.

The only thing that was wrong on Deals and You website, they had mentioned two addresses for Chandan Sparsh but they did not mention that one of them (NOIDA) was Chandan Sparsh Slimming Center. It actually helped me conveniently to get confused and I visited Chandan Sparsh Slimming Centre thinking that it's one of the two spa centers. The people sitting over there had no clue about what i was talking about but they politely helped me and confirmed that I could get what i was talking about. They had the slightest idea that they were totally wrong.

Thank God, I did not directly visit the slimming center to avail the services. I made a call to Chandan Sparsh Spa Center (M-Block Market, GK-II) and arranged an appointment for myself. They confirmed that NOIDA center is their slimming center and I should visit GK-II in order to avail the services. The receptionist was humble and she knew what I was talking about. I got my appointment for Sunday 9.30 AM as suggested by the receptionist.

My Experience with Chandan Sparsh:

image courtsey of Chandan Sparsh.

One of my friends was interested in getting the same services at Chandan Sparsh but the Deals and You offer was no longer available. Anyways I called them and informed about my friend. They said that she could avail the services for the same price as Deals and You had offered but she would have to pay taxes as well. The total amount was for INR 1011.03 = $ 22.06. Another WOW moment. But now, I was a little bit concerned about the services as I couldn't believe that they easily offered me the same price as I had paid via Deals and You. Anyways!!

I stayed at my friend's place in Lajpat Nagar-IV and left the place at 8.30 AM so that we could reach on time. We reached at 9:45AM, handed over my coupon, paid for my friend and started exploring the decor and the ambiance. The reception area is quite clean white tiles on the floor, couch on the right hand side; big and broad wooden boards explaining about Vata, Kapha and Pitta are hung behind the couch. I am so much into such simple decors with an ancient touch. On the left hand side, Lambency skincare, body care and hair care products along with Wella Hair Care products were show cased. I couldn't resist my excitement and approached the show case to check out the Lambency products (I did seek their permission to express the excitement). But As soon as I reached, masseurs came and we both were escorted to the first floor for our massages.

On the first floor, I was escorted by my masseur to my massage room and my friend by hers. Massage room was quite soothing in dim lights, little white stones on the floor in one side of the room, an earthen lamp with a candle lit inside it, wooden shelves on one wall with three earthen bottles in dirty pink color, blue and brown colors with corks on it. All three bottles read Vata, Pitta and Kapha respectively. I was given a bath robe and disposable under wears. I haven't got disposable under wears in any other spa yet and I liked the idea. They were clean and white. Masseur said that Vata oil is for normal skin, Kapha for dry and Pitta for oily skin. She wrapped me with a towel, pressed my legs twice or thrice and decided to use Vata oil for my body, checked my face and decided to use Pitta Oil for face. Massage started with chanting of Ohm and couldn't help but blessing Deals and You. It was a wonderful experience getting massage done while listening to Ohm. Massage was over in 40-45 minutes. I was asked to take bath and she suggested not using soap. I didn't; I was so tempted to use the Lambency shower gel though.

image courtsey of Chandan Sparsh.

My friend and I decided to skip the hair cut and include pedicure instead. I was told by the manager that skipping a service to avail some other service was not possible but I could get pedicure included by upgrading the package for just INR 200 = $ 4.36 plus taxes. Their pedicure is worth INR 500 = $ 10.91 plus taxes. It didn't seem to be a bad idea and we quickly upgraded our packages. Then we went to the basement for the manicure and pedicure. We were the only girls and rest of them (3) were gentlemen in their 35-40s. There are male manicurists and pedicurists in Chandan Sparsh. They were polite, full of skills and they knew what they were supposed to do. They started with removing nail paint, filing the nails, using cuticle creams, soaking, cutting cuticle, file the nails again if needed, soaking again, cleaning nails, using buffers, using scrub, leaving for a few minutes then removing scrub, washing your hands and feet, massaging with a fragrant moisturizer and painting your nails. The nail paint brands they use are O.P.I., Incolor and Nail Juice. There were some more but I didn't see them as they were kept quite far.Also they serve you tea/coffee/lemon water etc of your choice.

Next, we moved to their hair salon. We got our hair washed. The dresser who was attending me asked me if I wanted straight or wavy hair. I chose straight and he took sweet 15 minutes to give me straight hair by just blow drying it. He used two types of serums first in scalp and second on hair. I didn't ask him any questions about the serum he used as by then I was so relaxed that I wanted to crash in my bed and sleep off to glory.

Over all, WOW experience. I have nothing to complain about. The only thing that went wrong was the intermittent power cut because of some failure in the area. I have lived in South Delhi and I have hardly experienced any power cut in South Delhi areas so I had no option but to buy it. I wish i could get you some pictures. May be the next time when I will gift a package to V and accompany him.

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