Review: Philosophy Hope in a Jar SPF 25

I have been using this for last 14 days religiously day and night. I already posted about it here . I had heard a review of this moisturizer and I fell in love with it. It was more than one a half years back. Now, I know what good and what is bad about it.


Philosophy Hope in a Jar SPF 25

Price: approx. INR 900 = $ 19.80 for 0.5 oz or 14gm

Uses: Helps prevent sunburn. Higher SPF gives more sunburn protection.
Directions: Apply liberally to clean, dry skin before sun exposure and as needed. Children under 6 months of age: ask a doc.

Warnings: For external use only. When using this product keep out of eyes, rinse with warm water to remove. Stop use and ask a doc if rash or irritation develops and lasts. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help and contact a poison control center right away.


 I didn't click a picture. But let me know if you want one. It's basically like every other normal cream. It isn't runny.

Active Ingredients

Avobenzone - homosalate - Octisalate - Octocrylene -Oxybenzone


  •  I am in love with this. My search for a perfect cream or moisturizer for my face is finished. The texture of my skin improved within a week. It keeps my skin hydrated otherwise I used to have dry skin around my noes in winters. My skin was never that moist and it is soft and supple.

  • Most of the people hated its odor. Let me make it clear. It smells like herbs. If I believe my nose and its capabilities I can smell lavender. It isn't unpleasant but for people who are yet inhibited - it evaporates in jiffy.

  • Will you believe me? The lines around my eyes have vanished. I am not happy to disclose but I didn't get this from any mask, any oil or any cream. They certainly helped it to go away for sometime. But Philosophy Hope in a Jar has helped reducing it a lot.

  • The only thing I was hoping to see reduced was pores. That is still there. But I am confident that this cream would also reduce 'em gradually.

  • It has SPF. It's a non greasy sunscreen for me that i have been looking for. So, my search for a sunscreen should finish now.

  • It's greasy but seeps into your skin nicely. You won't feel a thing. It feels heave on face but only when you are applying it otherwise nothing to complain about.

  • One of the greatest pros of this cream is it dries out your pipmples/zits. I realized it ina day. I was suffering from a pimple a day before I started using it. I found that pimple all dull and withered the morning I wokeup with this cream.

  • The only cons about this product is the price. I don't mind it for this cream though!

  • I am thinking what if this cream stops working after sometime like many other creams, face washes, moisturizers etc. I hope this nightmare doesn't come true.
At the moment, I am only wishing I wouldn't have deleted my pictures with those lines on my face so that i could give you a before and after picture.

It's highly recommended for people who have patchy skin, uneven skin, have fine lines and crow feet around eyes and lips.

Where is it available?  I bought it from them The only bad thing is that they shipped it in a month. If I have to listen to others, they are still waiting for their purchases made on strawberrynet and it's been two months. I'll buy it again from them but only when i have my patience in place.

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  1. I have heard so many good reviews about this, I have been tempted to buy this on many occasions, but what put me off was the smell..maybe its because I hv been sniffing really old samples they keep on display on Sephora.. my mom uses this and she has no complaints whatsoever..I might just pick up a half ounce trial version when I go shopping next time :)

  2. Hey Jiya, I too have this but cannot stand its smell... It reminds me of fish market :P


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