Review: Ginni Clea Cleansing and Make-Up Remover Wipes

It was nothing but only impulsiveness when I bought these wipes like I always do - enter the shop to buy my regular sea cod liver oil capsules and come out with wipes, eye pads, hand sanitizer (2 packs) and check out some new stuff here and there. Store keeper would suddenly start hiding stuff... (exaggerated). Coming back to wipes -

What is this?
A pack of 10 wet wipes with the goodness of chamomile to clean make-up or for normal cleansing and keeping acne at a bay.

Rs. 25

What I like about it? 
  • Removes every trace of dirt and grime. See the picture below:
 The yellow patches are the last traces of pollution left on my face, I had JUST washed my face with cetaphil face wash though.
  • Fragrance: refreshing, lasting for good 45 mins to 1 hour.

  • The wetness stays for really long. I bought it almost two months back and the wetness of wipes is like i juts bought it yesterday.

  • It does remove makeup but you may need 2nd wipe for that cleaned and fresh feeling.

  • Mascara could be a little tough and may require a little tugging, but it works nicely when mascara is not waterproof.

What I don't like?
  • I could not find it anywhere else so I assume that it should be available at the same drugstore. Or I did not reach the place where it is available.
Who will LOVE it?
  • Everyone who likes wipes. There is nothing to hate about this product.
  • Everyone who has acne or fears of acne or a little prone to pimples. It is satisfying that it is meant to prevent acne.
  • Everyone who uses less makeup. It's instant, it works and it is inexpensive.

Who will LEAVE it? 
  • Everyone who uses too much makeup and waterproof makeup. It could possibly fail.
  • Who doesn't roam around a lot. The particular drugstore is every where in Delhi but not everywhere and that could be a negative trait of your products.
Overall I love these wipes and have already planned to buy more. I don't remember the name but it is not tough to find it so I will let you know as soon as I get to know, It never broke me out, kept me fresh and is not heavy for my pockets. So it is just too awesome!! 
Last but not the least, yesterday I found a shop that was waiting for me... they have nice coral dress, black lace pumps with kitten heels, some very good cotton dresses etc. 

Have you used these wipes yet?
Which is your inexpensive wipes pack?
Where did you buy it?

P.S. - Check back as I may update this post with related/updated information.
Thank you for reading!!

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