Beauty Talk: For that Natural Look

OKay... first of all I am a novice in make-up. I don't apply make on my face. What I am fond of is Kajal-

I want to promote herbal kajals by putting this picture here. Herbal Kajal is made of camphor, castor oil, almond oil etc. In ny kajal, camphor and castor oil must be a part of ingredients. Camphor cools your eyes, it cleans your eyes. It gives your eyes that health when your eyes white part appears clean and watery. Castor oil strenghthens and grows your hair. It is certainly helpful in making your lashes healthy so better it's a part of your kajal. You can use it seperately as well. You can use it for your hair too. Now a days I am using Himayalaya kajal. It smudges a bit but I am happy to know and having found this kajal as it's organic.

 Lip Balms. I have tried these balms so far...

This one is one of the best lip balms for me. Nope, seriously, believe me. If anyone of you have chapped lips or your lips dry frequently then you must try this lip balm (for Indians)

I love smokey eyes. This is what I always want to do on my face, with my eyes. I want them to look smokey.

I definitely love make up. But for me it should be something like this...

or this...
What I love about this look is it appears to be natural. Nothing is too much, at least for me. I would soon be adding tutorials for these looks... Give me soemtime.

Till then... Take Care.

Thank you for reading!!

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