DIY: Revamp your Ballerinas

It's not a big DIY project. It's something that I thought of sitting and lazying around... There was this snake-skin print ballerinas with "Yuck!!" bows. So why did I buy!?! because I think of revamping anything then and there if I like something partially. One thing I had decided for sure... I'll pluck these bows off these pumps. But I ended up peeling of some snake-skin too along with bows.

With Bows!!

Without bows!!

haha!! with Chanel logo. I spoilt the right foot. but never mind!! I have used black nail paint that is wsy to erase with remover. BTW I like it but I want to re-do it by giving it neater look.

Use nail paint if you want to revamp something with a touvh of color and undo the revamping using nail paint remover. Believe me it's the bestest way as you may not always like the idea of revamping stuff.


Thank you for reading!!

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