Haul: Clothing, Accessories and Nail Paints

My shopping list for this weekend was like this. I didn't want to splurge on anything so I went to Sarojini Nagar. it's my the best up-to-date in trend market. Sarojini Nagar is the best place when you don't want to spend a lot and get the trendiest stuff. You just need to be a little patience and you should be good in bargaining.

I also visit GK -I M block market but the prices at thrift stores are a bit higher than Sarojini Nagar. I like a few stores at GK Market like Fifth Avenue, Nun etc for nice and in-budget clothes, Silofar for silver jwelleries, pavement side shops for accessories, Bw!tch and Curves (Curves have been shifted and it isn't there any longer..sob) etc apart from other high end stores.

You know where to visit if you want clothes from Sisley, United Colors of Benetton etc but you need some exploring before you want to buy that H&M cardi you saw on internet. Sarojini Nagar is one of those markets. You will get Zara, H&M, Mango and such brands in ample. I still remember how one of my distant cousins couldn't believe that I had a Zara top with sequinned skull from a limited edition. Plus I have seen many models there. I really dunno their names but I can spot them the moment I see their face son TV. One of those models is the girl in song "Meri Sohni, meri tamanna..." We may see such faces in Malls or Airport but finding them in Sarojini Nagar and bargaining is kinda unexpected. These are such reasons why I love love love Sarojini Nagar.

Enough about Sarojini Nagar, let me tell yuo all that I did try to stick to my list and budget but I over-spent as expected from a spendthrift.

A grey oversized cardi. A pullover was something that i wanted but that's fine. It will work the way I wanted it to be. No complaints.

A purple-grey-black wool mixed cardi. It's oversized too+super soft+this color make you look really nice/pretty/glowy... I bought.

It's a bit short but baggy sweater and the label reads GAP. Okay, i didn't care what the label read but the color grey is my weakness. If V wouldn't be there, I'd pick all grey stuff that I like.

A tan, slim belt. it's been on my list for quite some time along with a slim belt in beige. I got what I actually wanted and was eying on ASOS skinny belt. The only difference b/w two is that ASOS is double waisted.

Nail paints. I really wanted a beig nail paint. God bless Revlon. I bought this Incolor pink nail paint without realizing that I already have one from Street Wear -  a lighter version. Will swatch soon!! Click here for Street Wear Lotus Devine.

Click Here for Revlon Gray Seude swatches.
Click Here for Incolor Glam Shine 44 .

I got this illuminator instead of a tinted moisturizer. I am really for myself!! This was an impulsive purchase and I hope V is not reading. He wants me to buy everything I want but with a glare in his eyes followig by "Do use it!!"

Cute Polka Dots and Animal print paper bags. They are made of hard, glossy paper. I carry my lunch to my office and I like using such bags. Any suggestions where I can buy nice carry bags (apart from Archies)?

I didn't find brogues or oxfords anywhere in SN.
I'll visit Forever21 next time.
Wait for my another haul before I buy a tinted moisturizer and post on my blog.
Oh yeah, parka ... didn't feel like buying it today.

So, that's pretty much it. This is what I wore sans grey cardi I bought today:

How are you all doing?

Thank you for reading!!

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