Lush (India) Products for Men: For All Dirty Fellas!!

It just happened and I clicked on Lush India website to check out what's new. And you know what I found 5 new products which start with this word DIRTY. I love the lateral thinking of Lush team even when it comes to skincare. I have been implementing this thinking at work but probably would need more time to implement with my cosmetics and skin care. These new additions in Lush are mainly for Men, we probably wouldn't want to use shaving gels and shaving creams. But we may!!

Lush "Dirty" starting is from this products:

Dirty Body Spray Rs 1,500

Squirt our Dirty spray over your body, day or night, for portable deodorizing when you're on the move. Dirty spray is a deep and powerful freshener any time that you feel rushed off your feet; sandalwood helps to combat unwanted odors and that famous Dirty scent of tarragon, lavender and subtle spearmint will fool even the bloodhounds. Complete your layers with the deeper levels of Dirty.

Dirty Hair Cream Rs 740

Give your hair the up and down with our softening firm-hold gel. Cocoa butter and acrylates soften and coat your hair, while rosemary calms the scalp. This one is great for keeping your hair in place with a more natural look; it's fragranced with part of our Dirty perfume, so you can layer every part of your body with spearmint, tarragon and a breath of salt air.

Dirty Shaving Cream Rs 615

Slather, sluice and soothe your face with a generous helping of Dirty shaving cream. Calming oat milk, shea butter and honey are great for calming irritations and red marks on sensitive chins. No one enjoys smooching when there’s a hairy, scratchy beard face to contend with! Dirty boys should use this softening shaving cream to help the razor glide over the skin and leave their chins looking sharp. Scented with lavender and sandalwood, it's another layer to the Dirty fragrance blend.

Dirty Spring Wash Rs 1,015

After a dirty night on the tiles, jolt yourself back to reality with our tingly spearmint shower gel. Springwash is like a dip in a mountain spring, just in time for the weather getting warmer; spearmint and menthol crystals will make your skin feel cool in a hot shower and give it a sweeter scent than peppermint. If you're living in a hard water area, the sodium bicarbonate helps to soften it and give a frothy lather. Your bits will feel fresher in no time.

Dirty Toothy Tabs Rs 275

Groundbreaking solid toothpaste from Lush!

Give your mouth a blast of freshness before a night (or day) of Dirty fun. These innovative solid toothpaste tabs will clean your teeth and leave your mouth minty fresh. Helen Ambrosen worked incredibly hard to create our new solid toothpaste and she's made us proud; Dirty is made with spearmint to freshen your breath and foaming agents to scrub your pearly whites clean in the morning. Just crunch one up, grab your wet toothbrush and start brushing for a good three minutes. Rinse out and show off your sparklers to everyone. Guaranteed oral pleasure.

Check the ingredients on the Lush what's new!!

P.S. - Check back as I may update this post with related/updated information.
Thank you for reading!!

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