Online Shopping: Shoe Love is True Love

While flipping though web pages, I found a hub of nice shoes. Where, What ??

Where: BigShoeBazaar

is now

What: Shoes, Jackets-T-shirts etc.

This website has always been there and I came to know about it by our very own dear Facebook. I liked some stuff but not that much that i could put my money into it. Sometimes I liked the stuff but I couldn't make my mind if I should have bought it or not. So what!?!

I am free to browse through and have a quick look of everything I liked. They have got incredibly nice collection of shoes and price too. I am just posting pictures and links along with it in case you are interested in viewing because going through all 32 pages may turn out to be a pain for some. And, if you don't like what I picked then you are always free to make your own list of favourites.

Plus, I want to buy something but it may happen in next month. So I am gonna hold off my shopping addiction to prove myself that I have some self-control. Now, let's see:

Pics in medium size are selections I would like to buy. It doesn't matter whether I would wear it or not because I am not comfortable wearing heels all the time. I carry a pair of flat whenever I am in heels more than two inches.

Have you ever bought from BigShoeBazaar?
What was your experience?


Thank you for reading!!

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