Review - Bio Glow Papaya Moisturizer

I was really in a bad need of a good moisturizer  that is hydrating but  doesn't make your face look like an oil mine.

I read a lot, a lot about mopisturizers and found aloevera moisturizers and gels to be soothing. My skin type is sensitive and it keeps changin like seasons do or may be summer in Delhi, these days. I placed an order for Oriflame Aloevera Moisturizer but fortunately (or unfortunately. To decide I need a review that I have never been able to find)I didn't get it.

So, I bought Bio Glow Mositurizer for 100 bucks in a jar. I was like... "no, it appears to be so fake and bad that I don't wanna even see it." But SA insisted that you take it home and it's my guarantee that you'd like it. If not then I'd return your money. I bought it, who wouldn't (soecially a person who's in need of a good moisturizer.) Plus spending 100 bucks on 300+200 ml jar will not harm anyways. I thought I would use use it on my feet or body in case it doesn't work for my skin. This baby looks like this (papaya moisturizer)-
It is the packaging in a plastic jar. It's 300ml + 200ml extra. It comes in different fragrances and colours like Coco Buter that smells sweet and I don't like that sweet smell, Lavender in oh-so-good lavender color and smells nice and green cucumber. I liked peach color of this moisturizer in papaya flavor (yup flavor). I smiply loved it. I personally feel and have seen many live examples how good papaya is in changing your skin texture, removing your blemishes nif applied on face. I prefer eating it everyday.
Okay, this is what it is!!
Looks creamy, peachy batter but when applied, I fekt like it just disppeared in form of water. See this-
I can guarantee that it would be girls'favourite moisturizer right after they would use it for the first time. It didn't do any wonders for my skin but it did keep it hydrated. I didn't break out. what i was missing is the glow factor that comes on your skin after applying it and that stays even after you have stopped using it for a while.

You will love it:
  • If you like light, very light mositurizers.

  • If you are lookign for a huge jar of moisturizers that is hydrating without spending a bomb.
You will leave it:
  • If you expect a lot form your moisturizer.

  • You may find it fake because of the print on the jar like i did.

P.S. What I think is you should give a chance to almost anything or anyone even if you don't have a little confidence in it. It may come out in flying colors and it can surprise you with its abilities. It can be anything... from relationships to cosmetics.

Thank you for reading!!

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  1. i have a sensitive n a normal skin. what if i use bio glow papaya cream for my face?


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