Review: Soft Touch Sunblock with SPF 60 Also Work As Anti-Aging Cream

I wanted to review this sun block since the day I landed in Goa and this is the first thing I bought. It felt right to invest in it, little I knew whether it would work not. What actually happened is I shouted as soon as I spotted a cosmetics shop filled with sunscreens, sun blocks etc and ran into the store. You know why? because Goa is full of fun, bright and peppy swim wears, clothes, restaurants and bars in every corner and loads of sand beach and bikes. Ah!! I was so happy to have found a cosmetics shop. There were probably more but in my lane it was the best one!! I bought this cream as I didn't want to invest in other brands that I knew of and there was a girl from US who was on and on about the benefits of this cream and made me and 4 of her 4 new friends buy this. Shall we talk about its benefits?

What is this?

Soft Touch Sun Block is SPF60 cream with Vitamin C.
Soft Touch Sun Block is SPF60 cream with Vitamin C.

 Price :

Rs. 220 for 200gm

What it Claims?

Soft Touch Sun Block is SPF60 cream with Vitamin C.
  Were you able to read it? pretty impressive, huh!!

Ingredients in Soft Touch Sun Block

What I like about it?

- It spreads easily and a little goes a long way.
- Fragrance is not overwhelming. It proves to be bearable for my sister-in-law who is allergic to overwhelming fragrances and starts sneezing. For me, fragrance is just fine.
- It doesn't irritate my skin, I don't break out and I don't look like I have put white layer on my face. (true for some matte sunscreen creams)
- It's inexpensive and had anti-aging properties.

What I don't like about it?

- It's a little greasy.

I realized that our skin tanned in sun but we didn't suffer from rashes. I was terrified of getting rashes, spots and more sensitive skin. That did not happen at all. I hate those sunscreens which makes me feel my face greasy afterwards.

I don't apply this sunscreen on my face. For face, I am using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF50.

Who will LOVE it?

- Girls who are out in sun quite often and have been wanting to try out something else.
- Girls who don't fear tanning and probably want to use a cream that lets them tan while taking care of their skin.
- Girls who have used Soft Touch product and are fond of.
- People who want anti-aging qualities too in their sunscreens.

Who might LEAVE it?

- People who go out in sun very less as they will probably choose the lighter creams/lotions with SPF.
- People who have sensitive/oily skin and are very careful while applying any thick cream.
- People who are fond of light creams or serums.

Overall I consider this Soft-touch Sunblock to be a decent sunscreen. You can go for it if you really want to. I still think that I should have bought more sunblocks from Goa just in case but it did not happen. If you go there then please keep a stack of sunblocks or else go in the month of November - December when it is told that weather and Goa both feel cooler and fun is in air as always. 

Have you tried Soft Touch products?
Which one is your favorite?
Where did you buy it?

P.S. - Check back as I may update this post with related/updated information.
Thank you for reading!!

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