Review: Swatch: Maybelline Water Shine Lip Gloss in Coral Sunset (A Gloss for that perfect nude lips)

A lip gloss perfect for shiny nude lips that suits dusky complexion too

I don't know how to do makeup but that doesn't mean I don't want to. I am slowly starting to use makeup and learn its tips and tricks. I used to apply eyeliner, kajal and mascara and then started applying blush. Now you can not get me off any of both. But for me the real challenge was to apply lippers apart from lip balms. I remember once I bought Gala lip gloss from a nearest department store that I never applied and it is still lying somewhere in my house.

During my marriage I happened to pick only one lip gloss after being forced to death. I am glad I picked Maybelline Water Shine Lip Gloss in number 02 "Coral Sunset"

Do you know who my makeup muses are? Any girl with makeup like Kim Kardashian or those spunky girls in hip-hop songs. Their lips, cheeks and eyes made me take a deep sigh and I wished I knew how to do such kind of makeup. I am quite far from that but close to those lips. For your reference:

Those lips!!

You may not see the same lips in images below but they are close. 

Coral sunset is a lip gloss that I always wanted. A formula that is well pigmented, light on your lips and moisturizing. It is not too moisturizing but it is not drying too unless you wipe it off with a towel so hard that I just did after applying and taking pictures.This is also the first lip gloss I had worn for the entire day and did not become conscious. It has glitters in it that stays on your lips even after you have wiped it off and it may not be liked by some. The pinkish tint on your lips stays even after it is removed. An I like this!

I don't remember the price but it was approx. Rs 350 = $7.80 Rs. 180 = $ 4.01 (thanks to Bhumika) for 3ml. A little beautiful thing for me. Coral sunset is inexpensive and great for your makeup bag, especially for the girls who are like me and too much into makeup.

Girls who are into makeup may have a heap of such lip glosses and this shade may be one of those common shades which are not too rare. Its dupes are available in the market and I think that i may be able to find some. But finding a dupe for the shade is not the only thing. if a gloss is close to the formula of Maybelline Water Shine Lip Gloss too then I would say it is not the unique gloss for sure. I recently tried Shiseido G7 and that comes close but not too close to this shade. G7 has glitters but not like Coral Sunset also G7 is too sheer. But I can not comment too much on G7 as I had just applied it for a while, till the time I strolled in the mall.

Another quality of this shade that is in my favor is the shade. I have wheatish/dusky complexion and this shade works for me very well. I like shades that is appropriate for office, market while out with girls and in the party and Coral Sunset is that one shade for me. Its wand is like other lip glosses - an applicator with sponge that works well. Nothing too fancy!!

Overall, I love this lip gloss and it has given me confidence to wear some more in future. It means, you will see lip glosses too on the blog from now on, may be some lipsticks too. Yay for a change!!

Thank you for reading!!

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