Mid Week Blabbing - July 13

- I successfully completed my May-June 2011 Giveaway. I am happy that I bought something from Victoria's Secret. I am equally excited, Nikki. :)

- Server upgrade is going on at work and that has been keeping me busier than a bee.It is still running and I am hoping that it will bring my sorrows to 0 because old server has been giving me pain for last two months.

- Right now, I am sitting in a training room for LINUX administrator. Trainer came in late, I sipped tea for longer that it should have finished, dear hubby is sitting beside me in the same training and cribbing how old Danielle Craig looks and mesmerized to know that he is getting married to The Mummy Returns girl "Rachel Weisz".

- Oh yes, I received my Organic Surge and Soulflower packages from Brandmile. It arrived late (-5 point), the packaging and items look exactly the way they are shown on website (+10). The best way to make anything look pretty is pack in a beautiful basket with some decorative papers cut carelessly and pack with a cellophane paper. A hassle free packaging that would always make your gifts look pretty.

- I am dieing to do some reviews. Dear God, allow me some free time.

- I want to join some Anger Management classes or Art of Living classes. Lately, I have become very short tempered and blowing my cool often. :( not so good!! not at all!!

P.S. - Check back as I may update this post with related/updated information.
Thank you for reading!!

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