Review: INATUR HERBALS Hand Sanitizer

My first Hand Sanitizer is by INATUR HERBALS and I have been using for quite some time. It is an inexpensive sanitizer with refreshing fragrance. There are some inventions in makeup and skincare areas which never fascinated me. Hand Sanitizer is one of them. Sometime I behave and talk like an orthodox which is never acceptable in blogging world. Anyways I bought this Hand Sanitizer when there was an offer "buy 1 get 1 free", call me miser but it was only because I never found a hand sanitizer available at the right time in front of me with a right offer and price. 


An instant hand cleaner which moisturizes skin and kills 99% of most common germs in 15 seconds. "Used by doctors worldwide"

Alcohol 62% - Antiseptic
Triclosan - Antibacterial

How to apply?
Pretty simple like other hand sanitizers. Take a small quantity directly on to your hand. Rub until it's dry.

Approx. Rs 40 for 2 bottles of 60 ml.

What I LIKE about it?
  • Fragrance - Citrusy , refreshing and isn't overwhelming
  • Application - cool and creates a cold sensation in your hands- I love.
  • After Application - Doesn't dry out your skin. (It was my first fear after I used it)
  • Worth every penny - inexpensive with a nice fragrance and hopefully doing what it is meant for AKA killing bacteria.
  • Easily Portable:  Little bottle slips easily in your bag so it's easy to carry it around.

What I DISLIKE about it?
  • Quantity: Apparently you don't need a less quantity. By saying less quantity I mean 1-2 drops. You need at least 4-5 drops for it to spread nicely on your palms.
  • Availability: I haven't been able to see it anywhere except a local shopping mart. (Probably Big Bazaar)

You will LOVE it !
  • If you are fond of hand sanitizers.
  • If you are a doctor, nurse, dentist, make-up girl, beautician and work on computers for long (i know you do).
  • If you love little yellow bottles. (Juz kidding but the little bottle is so cute)
  • If your palms sweat because it keeps your palms dry and fragrant.
  • If you travel a lot.
  • If you are too lazy to wash your hands multiple times a day but too finicky about your hands not being clean.

You will LEAVE it !
  • If if you have very dry palms. You may find it a bit drying.
  • If you are allergic to fragrances as it may come across strong. It doesn't have overwhelming fragrance but it is strong for those who are not into fragrances.

I like it but honestly I don't love it. This is not something that I can not do without. I would still like to wash my hands put on some moisturizer. But, yes it is perfect for me when i am at work, too busy to go in washroom and wash my hands. Sometimes it gets icky when I work on laptop/computer for too long!! Especially when i have to hop on from one to another machine!!

So, tell me what's you favorite hand sanitizer? 
I would love to try out some more.

P.S. - Check back as I may update this post with related/updated information.
Thank you for reading!!

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  1. Wow nice product at a good price...But I dont like citrusy smells!!

  2. haha..Good and entertaining review..I am also not so big on sanitizers..but they do serve the purpose when you are too tired to wash your hands..:)

  3. dey r quite useful wen u go out.i've d godrej one, got it free wd a purchase! its really nice

  4. @ Pooja: Citrus-smell is the best i could describe this otherwise it has some other notes too. :)

    @ Natasha: see i told you!! lol. they are goof for lazy ones like me...

    @ Vanity: Hmm I would love to try godrej one.


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