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Review: JOVEES Anti Pigmentation - Blemish FACE MASK

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Were I bought: Central Market, Lajpat Nagar-IV , New Delhi

Price: Rs. 170 for 100g

What it looks like:  It's name is essence of nutmeg face mask. Peach-ish clay pack. It has fragrance of Rose.

Buy-Me Factor: * It can be used by all skin types. It doesn't dry out skin. It's an anti-pigmentation mask and regular use of it has definitely shown me a difference.

Active Ingredients: *Almond   *Nutmeg * Rosemary*Chamomile * Sage - Sage possesses potent antioxidant properties, and this proves to be helpful in bringing about a delay in the aging process and in reducing the harmful effects of free radicals. Read more about sage here :
Use-Me Tips:  * Apply all a thin layer evenly all over face and neck * Leave for 20 minutes. * Rinse thoroughly with water. Sometimes I use unboiled milk to massage and then rinse off. * Use once a week.

Expires After: 3 yrs from mfg date.

What I like about it: It's herbal product. I use it for that glow factor and healthy look I get after applying. Also, it's not a hard work as you need to apply it only once a week (at least).
A small amount is sufficient for face and neck. The amount in this jar is gonna last for good 3-4 months in case you follow the one week rule.  

I love the fragrance. Fragrance lasts for hours. It's a plus point for thos who like rose fragrance.

What I don’t like about it: I can't just take it and apply. I have to use milk or water to make a paste of it in order to apply a thin layer. (It's not bad though. I like my skin to drink unboiled milk as much as it can)

Buy it online here: (Worldwide shipping)

Would I buy it again: Yes! right after it's finished.

To know more about Jovees products: Visit

P.S. - Check back as I may update this post with related/updated information.
Thank you for reading!!

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