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I believe in saving big time on home decor and home furnishing plans. I believe that home is the place where we can re-use everything, re-cycle everything and re-make everything. But we can not ignore the fact that humans are also making innovative products which can not be ignored. Such innovation is wall decal stickers. They are full of fun and comes in unlimited designs but you won't get tired of choosing the best one for yourself.

I like wall decal sticker but they are easy to apply and quickly pep-up the entire room. Some examples of wall decal stickers are:

This led me to find some website which sells wall decals stickers online so we can avoid the hassle of looking for options out in the market which is again going to cost more money in terms of patrol, stamina etc. Agree?

Here is the website that i found and I really like. They don't have a vast variety of stickers but I have been able to choose a few for my home. 

Step By Step Instructions:

Step 1:
Initially make sure that wall decal is properly stuck with transfer paper. Remove bubbles by using squeegee if any. Furnish decal to remove all bubbles, working from center to corners to remove big bubbles.

Step 2:
Leaving both coatings on (protective backing and transfer paper), place the Krazywalls Wall decal on wall as per markings. Use masking tape to position at the desired location. Stand back at some distance to review its position & change it if needed.

Step 3:
Now your wall decal is perfectly placed on wall along with masking tape. Now start with largest section to peel off the protective backing paper while making sure that wall decal is lifting off the paper & only clinging to the transfer paper. If decal is not clinging to transfer paper, burnish the problem area with squeegee or by placing your hand behind problem area as you work your way down.

Make sure that wall decal & transfer paper will keep adhered to wall as you go to minimize bubbles.

Step 4:
After paper backing is completely removed, run squeegee over wall decal & transfer paper from center to edges. Now you are almost done, slowly peel off transfer paper from wall leaving behind Krazywalls Wall Decal. If you notice wall decal is peeling up along with transfer paper, reapply it to surface & burnish it with squeegee.

Step 5:
When transfer paper is/are removed, review wall decal once if any bubbles are left.
If you find any bubbles clear it through the edges or use pin to pop bubbles. Smooth it to the surface.

Website for Wall Decal Stickers which sells in India: krazywalls, babyoye
Locate their dealers here: krazywalls - Dealers 

How to Apply Wall Decal Stickers: krazywalls - application-instructions

Let me know if you know more about this and already have some decals at home. Show us the images. I'd love to post.

P.S. - Check back as I may update this post with related/updated information.
Thank you for reading!!

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