Review: Maybelline Fruiy Jelly in Tempting Toffee (A nude shade for all complexions)

Maybelline New York Fruity Jelly in Tempting Toffee (Rs 150)

What is this?
A range of lip glosses by Maybelline New York. It has 7 shades available in that range.

Cherry Kiss - A shimmery coral red

Berry Bells - A shimmery pink almost touching Hot Pink shade

Treat Me Sweet - As the name suggests, a shimmery sweet and baby pink shade

Crazy for Caramel - An "almost" nude with pinky-peachy shimmer

Mad about Mellon - A true peachy shade and shimmer

Sparkling Grape - A dark pink shimmery shade

Tempting Toffee - A matte nude shade with glossy finish (from brown family)

 What it claims?
  • Unmatched glossy shine that lasts through the day
  • 7 delicious shades and flavors
  • Non sticky nature
  • Superior spreadability
 Where did I buy it?
A local Maybelline New York products dealer 

Price and size?
Rs 150 ($3.05)
10 ml
What I LIKE about it?

Shade: I don't need to explain why I picked it because it is one of the nude shades every girls must have to achieve Kim Kardashian's flawless glossy lips. Like this:

image source: stylebistro

 The consistency of Tempting Toffee is thicker than a gloss, thinner than cream and gel-like. It's a high shine sheer gloss. To my surprise, it does moisturize your lips well which I had not expected to this extent, which is good. Also it will stick to your lips for hours if you are not habitual of licking your lips. I like that it tastes sweet. (I am yet to do some research on its ingredients though.)

It smells like toffee (Cadbury eclairs!!) .

Packaging: A small plastic tube which contains 10ml gloss. It also reminds me of  Elle 18 tube glosses which used to come 8-10 years back. This particular tube has label with chocolates on it. (Made in China)

Price: Decently priced. The quality does prove its price.

This shade will work for all complexions and enhance lips and eyes. Let's see some more of it to understand the difference in different lights-

What I DISLIKE about it?

Packaging: Slanted tip. It's difficult to spread with the slanted tip so i use my finger to spread it and that works fine.

Consistency: A bit sticky and I am a non-sticky-gloss person but I can work with it. I have seen stickier glosses and more priced than Fruity Jelly is.

Finish: Don't judge before you read it! The finish is nice and pay a good result but it might need touch-ups after 1-2 hrs for the sake of shade. Remember that moisturized lips are still there for good 3-4 hrs.

And nothing else. I didn't have high expectations from this gloss except the gorgeous nude shade without glitters and shimmers. It scored beyond expectations in its moisturizing ability.

You may LOVE it…
 - On a budget and looking for a moisturizing lip gloss which doesn't only moisturize your lips but gives pretty looking lips too? Go for it!!

- Appropriate for work and college. Do keep it handy for that perfect wow moment without trying hard. You can create a wow moment anyways, can't you?

- Are you fond of eye makeup? They say keep your lips nude with a sheer hint of gloss on your lips to make your eyes POP. You guessed it!!

You may LEAVE it…

- A lipstick girl!! It isn't creamy and highly pigmented. Also you won't be able to slather it on your lipsticks as it has a color in it too. 

- If skin of your lips dry too often then it may pop the flakes after a few hours despite the fact that its moisturizing.

- If you don't like odor and taste in your lip products.

Buy it here!

- Any Maybelline Counters
- Buy it online at:  

I haven't used other Fruity Jelly shades but I am glad that I made this choice. I may buy it again for the sake of shade and because it moisturizes the lips for good 4-5 hrs. The shade fades with the time though. I love how Maybelline comes up with such budget products. Maybelline Colossal kajal is my in favorites and safe on my shelf and I bought it again because I gifted the first one to my Sister in law who was in search of non-smudge formula. 

Any comments on Frutiy Jelly? 
Which shade do you own?

Disclaimer: I bought it for review purposes. To know more, please read my disclosure policy.

P.S. - Check back as I may update this post with related/updated information.
Thank you for reading!!

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