Beauty Talk:: Do you ever bother if your wax has Vitamin C or Fruity essentials in it?

If not then, this is the time to do some!! Bio Soft a brand which supplies Cre'me wax to spas and salons have introduced two new waxes with Lemon Zest and Hazel Nut.

 Both of these waxes have the essentials of Vitamin C and are ideal for all skin types. It also claims to reduce the hair growth and leave the skin soft and supple.

The other Bio Soft waxes are available in exotic fragrance and flavors of -

Chocolate Crème Wax
Green Apple Crème Wax
Banana Crème Wax
Strawberry Crème Wax
Pink Crème Wax

The Bio-soft wax has been approved for its formulation and development by Vincent Raya Group (PRC) and manufactures the same, and is FDA approved in India.

I always wondered about waxes and thought why we are not particular about exes. I think we don't have too many brands which offer waxes while I think they should. But having Bio Soft in our market is really appreciated. I am glad we have an option to choose from now.

Bio soft waxes are available in 800gm of pack, probably because their main clients are spas and salons. But I think they should come with consumer packs too, isn't it?

Bio Soft is available across India:
Tel: 022-65220101/23410536,

Did you ever get a chance to use Bio Soft waxes?
Do you use wax at home at all?
P.S. - Check back as I may update this post with related/updated information.
Thank you for reading!!

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  1. Nice post.Laser hair removal treatment is becoming very popular.You have shared nice tips which must know for that people who are interested in this treatment.Thanks for sharing.

  2. but do not buy pre wax liquids.. I applied them from bio soft and my skin peeled off. I wish if could get a refund :-(. I have not used after an application

  3. do not buy Biosoft pre wax liquid. I used it and my skin peeled along with the wax. very thin layer but next couple of days it remains dry and looks awkward

  4. @ Akshata: Really!! Thanks for letting me know.


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