Review:: Comparison:: New Vaseline Total Moisture 24 hr Nourishing Lotion Pure Cocoa Butter and Pure Soya

Another case of trying something new. When I spotted new range of Vaseline Total Moisture Body lotions, I couldn't say No except the one that promises whitening and had SPF. I wanted to buy but something that promises whitening is out of my dictionary. So, yes talking of my believes.

I am not a big fan of products which has cocoa in it because that signature fragrance doesn't click my nose buds. I am sorry if you like cocoa products but it's only me... I know.

Total Moisture Cocoa Glow leaves your skin feeling healthy and glowing.
Total Moisture glycerin rich lotion leaves your skin feeling healthy, soft and smooth.

Expiration Date: 
Best Before 24 months


I liked one body lotion more than the other one. Let's see inside what didn't click me.

L to R: Cocoa Butter ;  Pure Soya
The Bottom Line
Total Moisture Cocoa Glow: is a little pale, off-white moisturizer. As i already said that I am not a big fan of the fragrance it has but I liked that it is not greasy, seeps into your skin like dream. It gets quickly absorbed by skin feeling the upper layer dry again, in a good sense. 

Total Moisture Glycerine Rich Pure Soya: is white moisturizer. It feels a bit greasy if compared with cocoa glow. It feels lighter than cocoa glow. I like fragrance which is on sweet side and a tiny bit floral. Unlike cocoa glow I feel it inside and on upper layer of skin too. It does get absorbed by the skin in a few seconds.

I applied both moisturizers on half of my bodies and I felt that Pure soya worked better than cocoa butter. I noticed my left foot and left elbow had a little sign of dryness than the right side where I had applied pure soya.

Cold breeze has not empowered the season yet even then cocoa butter left me with dry scratch mark in about 4 hours and pure soya in about 5 hours or so. Having said that I am sure that these moisturizers are not going to serve dry skins because i have oily skin and I am going to need a little slathering of it again. 

They are best at one thing and that is not leaving the fragrance behind no matter what. You will keep smelling nice for more than 5-6 hours which is good. Always!

What's with moisturizing 3 layer stratys? I was really hoping for these to work great in this month when winter has just started i.e. moisturizing skin for more than 6 hrs. However my personal favorite is Pure Soya which is lighter, more moisturizing, a little greasy though with a nice fragrance that lingers for long. On the other hand cocoa butter just touched the mark of being a body lotion meant for winters. I'd still prefer it during summers. 

May I suggest?

Cocoa Glow is best for highly oily skin while Pure Soya will server better to oily to medium oily skin. I am one the fence if i am asked to consider them for dry skins. You can buy to give it a try but i think you should look for better options too. 

I still think Vaseline makes decent body lotions and give us a wide range of choices. I know there are 2 more available in the lot and I have already planned to use the green aloe vera one and leaving whitening promises behind.

I like Vaseline body lotions and i had high hope for this new range. Sadly it didn't fulfill my expectations.

Where can I buy Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Butter and Pure Soya Body Lotions?
Online @ urbantouch and healthkart (These two are not available there yet though)

In market @ Vaseline Counters specifically in shopping marts like Big Bazaar, Spencer, Reliance Fresh etc.

What is the price of Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Butter and Pure Soya Body Lotions?
Rs 65 and Rs 55 for 100 ml bottles

Have you tried this range yet?
Your thoughts?

P.S. - Check back as I may update this post with related/updated information.
Thank you for reading!!

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  1. I m very happy with Vaseline Body Lotions. I hv been using them since many yrs now. I apply Vaseline yoghurt serum Lotion in summers & Ayur thick cold cream in winters on my body, since I hv dry skin.

    But this winters, I discovered Vaseline Soya Lotion. It is very gud for dry skin ppl as well. It really makes skin soft & moisturized even in harsh winters. I hv used d Cocoa Butter variant earlier. It can be applied in summers, for dry skin ppl & in mild winters like Oct/ Nov for d rest.

    But these lotions r very very nice. :)


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