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Basicare Complexion Massage/Cleansing Brush (Rs 148)

I feel like I spent my half of entire life searching for these brushes, these facial brushes and I finally got a hold of it. Thanks to Healthkart. Without wasting time let's talk about this brush:

It's a wooden brush with synthetic bristles (but they do feel like natural, like plant fibers) with cute blue loop to hang it and blue rubber around handle, probably for good hold.

The Bottom Line

What can i say more about a brush except that its bristles are soft but not that soft. I guess I need some time to learn the pressure and all for proper application. Anyways it works perfectly fine. One thing I'll have to admit that my face has never felt so soft and even. It does feel that I scrape off dead skin from my face. 

Basicare Complexion Massage/Cleansing Brush is light weight, easy to use and inexpensive. It's like an investment in the right plan that will prov to be beneficial forever. If you remember my last post on facial brushes, I mentioned that these facial brushes might not reach in creases of your nose while a tooth brush can. I was wrong, it can nicely clean the creases of your nose. 

The only thing is that it will makes my nose and chin areas a little red but that doesn't stay for long. That is why I prefer doing this during night and I make sure that I use it every alternate day.

This is my first facial brush and technically second because I have tried using tooth brush at times. I'd agree to the fact that it works better than a tooth brush. The reason is crystal clear that a tooth brush is meant for cleaning your teeth and a facial brush is meant to clean your face.

May I suggest?

Go ahead and buy it!! Here is the link for you to bu it online "

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