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Venus Doorsteps is run by a couple who undoubtedly have guts to run such service in Delhi and NCR considering the traffic jams and you never know where your experts might have to go. I really appreciate it. Let's see what Deals and You has to say about them:

"Everybody loves looking good to step out in confidence, get compliments and the works? But sadly, having been a victim of a sedentary lifestyle, the glow of natural beauty seems to be diminishing. So, why not get it replenished and look your best all the time? Then you should get your beauty needs looked after by the experienced professionals at Venus Doorstep Salon. Experts at enriching your skin and hair with a healthy radiance, this high-end parlour system promises top notch quality services at your beck and call. Yes, you heard it right. Just give them a buzz and they will be more than glad to drop by your place and do the needful.
Venus is the Goddess of Beauty and with the deal of the day you become one for real; and the guys have no reason to feel left out for it caters services to them too! Get ready to get groomed by the leaders in the business."

It sounded too cool to have professional and expert services at your door steps and I have always had nice experience with salons/spas that Deals and You has to offer. But this time, I was disappointed. The package I chose was :

My package included:

  • Facial (Diamond/Gold)
  • Face Bleach
  • Full Body De-Tanning
  • Full Waxing (Arms & Legs)
  • Haircut
  • Blow Dry
First of all let's talk about their positives:

- They call you to confirm your appointment.
- They call you a day before to confirm the appointment again so you don't miss it.
- They provide services to NCR.

Now let's see what I think they lacked in their services:

Professionalism , Punctuality and Customer Services- Their expert (a girl who did not sound professional at all) left for my place which is sometimes considered out of Delhi and NCR because of the time it takes to reach there. She did not contact me before leaving and called me when she reached Laxmi Nagar Metro station which is again opposite and far form my place. She called, I gave her the details and she never called me back. I called their head girl and she promised to get back to me which did not happen until I called her and got the news that the expert girl who was coming to my place lost her aunt and wouldn't be able to make it.The head girl promised that I will receive my services soon and she gave me date and time. I had to call her again to make sure if someone was going to turn up and found that they had changed the date and time.

Finally expert services arrived at my doorstep. (Oh forgot to add, they charge you extra Rs 150 for NCR regions. But honestly be happy for the reason that they provide services to NCR.) A girl with big black backpack asked me for the voucher and my signature on it which is justified. She further disclosed that she would need hot water and towel which is again justified. But I could see she wasn't professional and she did not use anything which I was promised. She used some local Gold facial kit, a so-called L'Oreal Spa in a box from some other brand I didn't know, I don't care much about wax (while I should) so I wouldn't add and some bleach for full body de-tanning.

There was something which was screaming in my head that I shouldn't get such services at home but there was another voice which reminded me of the times when I had enjoyed such services and felt the girl was professional and made sure that i was content. So talking about Venus Expert, she was in hurry and didn't bother to check the bleach which she had applied on my body, and she rushed through the door without telling me. Let me be clear that there was nothing at my house which could haunt her including me.

I am not saying that they have bad service but they don't have an expert level services at all. Please choose Venus Doorsteps when you are too lazy to fly away the fly sitting on your nose for last two days. I don't think you can be that lazy!!

I am sorry Venus People but you couldn't impress me while I am kind of girl who can easily be impressed without any gift or cash. ;)

Have you ever used their services?
Share your experiences please.

P.S. - Check back as I may update this post with related/updated information.
Thank you for reading!!

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