Nail Paint:: Revlon Hot for Chocolate (Review and Swatches)

Revlon Nail Paint in Hot for Chocolate (approx. Rs. 135)

My love for dark brown nail paints started when I bought a GALA nail paint in dark brown shade. I was neither aware of what GALA was nor I was a nail paint girl. I also don't know why I bought it. This is 3 years old story and I still have that nail paint shade with me because I am in LOVE with that color. No other nail paint shade has made my hands look so beautiful, clean and manicured than that shade. 

Revlon Hot for Chocolate is an outcome of the hunt which I kept on for Gala because I haven't been able to find Gala anywhere else, the Gala nail paint is drying and I had to find a dupe. Let's see what I think of it Hot for Chocolate:


Single Coat of Revlon Hot for Chocolate

Double Coat of Hot for Chocolate


 The Bottom Line

Shade: I have already said a lot about this shade. Revlon Hot for Chocolate is not exactly the dupe of Gala nail paint but it is very close. This is a shade which I'd keep a bottle secure with me. Always!! 

Formula and Application: I have mixed feelings about it. The formula is creamy, thick and doesn't bubble on the other hand it streaks. I think I should post a little picture of the brush which I think is the culprit. I now know what makes a nail paint streak i.e. the brush. A thin brush and a thick formula will always make your nail paint streak.

About the application, it feels smooth despite of thin brush and thick formula. Time taken for drying is average. All in all it will Hot for Chocolate will score an average.

Oh my god, it chips. This pretty shade chips in a day. I confess, I don't use base coat and top coat for any nail paint. But I promise I am going to buy Revlon's base coat and top coat just for Hot for Chocolate.

Price: Decently priced and amount is more than sufficient. I have started opting for smaller bottles lately while big bottles where my choice in past.

May I suggest?
Are you a medium, dusky toned girl? Try this shade whether that's Revlon Hot for Chocolate or something else. Let me know what you think. 

About Hot for Chocolate, go for this nail paint and don't forget to use base and top coat with it. This is a decent nail paint and live up to my expectation and I am not counting sneakiness here.

A funny thing: I kept writing Dark Chocolate instead of Hot for Chocolate throughout the post. Thank God I checked preview and have a picture of its name!!

Post FAQ

Q. Where did I buy Revlon Hot for Chocolate?
A. Shoppers Stop

Q. Online availability of Revlon nail Paints?
A. Available
@Violetbag for Rs. 126
@ Urbantouch for Rs. 130
@Healthkart  for Rs. 130
@ B.Lab for Rs. 130

@Goodlife for Rs 140

Q. How much did I pay for it?
Rs. 135 (Don't remember but approx)

Thank you for reading!!

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  1. Never used brown nail paint but after seeing this I'll.
    Nice review.

  2. Wow-I am actually liking this!! Never tried brown nail paint before! Would try one this time! And hey! This is a lovely blog!! Me following :)

  3. it chips? hmm will have to skip :\


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