Review:: Matrix Biolage Oil Therapie Shampoo (From the new collection)

Matrix Biolage Oil Therapie Shampoo (Rs 190)

When I first came to know about this range, I felt like this is the complete solution to our hair problems and I knew I was going to buy. The problem was it wasn't available everywhere and I am a little skeptical about buying salon products from general shops because of possible fake items we could buy (experience!!). They might not be FAKES always but it is also not deniable that they can be. I definitely don't want a popular brand and a useful product put aside because of fakes and doubts rose due to them.

I live in NOIDA but I visit a salon in Lajpat Nagar-IV called "JD Unisex Salon"  (and I am planning to do this little post on this) because of their customer service and amazing services rendered in their salon. I decided to check out some stuff displayed in the salon and asked a hair stylist if they have the new range from matrix Biolage. Yay!! they had. Conditioner was out of stock while only one bottle of shampoo was left which was also used a little and the oil was available in ample.

I read the details of the oil and planned not to shell out any money because oil massages done at home do a lot better things for our hairs than using up those salon slash professional products. This is what I think but I am certainly not saying that they are not good. Matrix Biolage Oil Therapie oil which is a mixture of different oils and perhaps good for those who have thick and dry hair, love to moisturize their hair and keep oil  for more than day. But I think serums do the same thing, don't they?

I am buying their conditioner for sure when I'll be visiting JD next time. Why?? I AM IN LOVE WITH MATRIX BIOLAGE CONDITIONERS. OMG they are so amazing and don't make your hair feel oily!!

Can we jump to this shampoo now??

The Bottom Line

Biolage Nourishing Oil Shampoo blended with almond, olive and coconut oil, cleanses while it deeply nourishes hair. 3 nourishing oils provide root-to-tip nourishment in 3 ways, leaving hair soft and healthy looking with a glossy shine.

One thing which I have bolded in my personal diary of facts that professional shampoos take a bucket to clean hair while consumer shampoos take way too less for same hair type. If it was a few months back, I would have chosen a consumer shampoo over a professional shampoo but today it's different story. My choices from now on would always be professional shampoos instead of consumer shampoos. Have I told you that I love to change my shampoo every one month hence I would never leave consumer shampoos aside. So, this shampoo takes little more than your average shampoo to clean hair.

Fragrance: The generic, signature fragrance of Matrix Biolage products which I like but not too much. It also smells a little coconuty in a good way which stays until your next wash.

After wash: It is just amazing. This is exactly what I want from my shampoo. My hair should feel light, shiny, healthy and it should not tangle. It does all of those and it doesn't cause hair fall. The only thing which I did not like is that it doesn't cure dandruff at all. I am a little sad to admit that my hair, despite of oily scalp, has dandruff during winters. I know this shampoo is not meant for that but I wanted it to work on dandruff too. I INSIST!! I am the buyer. Oh, also I have started getting compliments on my hair again!!

Price and Availability: Decently priced, no-nonsense shampoo but available to ONLY salons. Don't hesitate to ask your salons for this shampoo if you wish to use it. I wold also recommend not buying from any store unless you are very sure of the store and its stuff. In Rs 190 this shampoo might last you for 2 good months and I am not including ridiculously long and thick hairs here.

May I suggest?
This is a shampoo which everyone would like to keep one because it is just SAFE to use, plus bottle is small and portable so you can take it around. I won't comment on curing hair fall or dandruff while it doesn't cause any hair fall but does NOT cure dandruff either.

Last but not the least: I am sick and tired of using different products for different types of hair problems.


Thank you for reading!!

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  1. matrix is one of my fav brands when it comes to hair care

  2. Had been waiting for a review of this one..thanks :)

  3. sounds ok..ya availability is an issue..have not seen it here yet..


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