Nail Paint::VOV Nail Paints in No. 78 (A lovely pink shade)

VOV Nail Paint in No. 78 (Price unknown)

It is a quick Nail Paint of the Week post on this lovely pink shade which I am in love with for two reasons - 1. It is gift by my mother. 2. This pink shade is one of my favorite colors from my childhood and my mother never forgets it. She will gift me everything in pink. I love you mummy!!

The Bottom Line
Formula and Application: This is a nail paint made in china because it has a sticker on side which reads something in a language which appears to Chinese. So VOV is probably made in China and they make good nail polishes for sure. It is creamy, neither thin nor thick consistency and applies smoothly. Brush bristles are long and nicely hold the nail paint which doesn't allow nail paint streak or bubble. 

Drying and Chipping: It dries in a minute and chipping period is more than 4 days. Don't ever think if a nail paint which chips in more days is a good one because it might take you longer than ever to remove them and it was my first concern. But damn, it worked smoothly with a nail paint remover and did not take long to take off.
Price and Availability: I never asked my mum for price but expecting it not to cross 100. Availability is a huge question because I haven't spotted it anywhere in Delhi yet. I would love to try another shade from VOV again

This is my personal favorite because of my own personal reasons so I'd say it's


Thank you for reading!!

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