5 Best Places to Shop For Home and Lifestyle in India

Background: I stumbled upon this website while browsing for some fun home and home decor items. It focuses on the highest quality and international brands for home and lifestyle products to Indian buyers. My love for heaven and home is a first sight love which happened because of "their carefully picked items" which I could not ignore at all.

Pros: Artistic picks. Prices are not very economical but they seem to be worth it if we look at the products. The website quality, images, fonts and everything else make it an ideal website for buying home and lifestyle products.

Cons: Some products or dupes of the products may be found easily at lower prices. Buy you may have to deal with quality. 

Background: I am happy to have noticed Jabong.com, specifically for checking out their Home+Living section. First and foremost, their products with modern and eclectic design are impeccable. The mere sight of the item filled me up like the feeling when you feel full after having a good dinner. There are very less items which I would not choose to buy. 

Pros: Contemporary items with decent price range. If you are an avid shopper for home and decor stuff then you might pick 4-5 items every time you visit Home and Living section at Jabong.

Cons: Kitchen section might become same old stuff which can easily be found in the near by market. BUT from online buyers perspective, you get to choose a wide variety of each range at the ease of your mouse.

Background: Yet another websites for Beauty, Clothes and everything else. But you will be left astounded if you look at their furniture and home decor section. First, I felt that prices are little high but the items are for those buyers with taste buds higher than the prices in furniture and home decor. Did you ever wonder how a modern looking building looked antique with a hint of contemporary touch? You might find the same in furniture sold at Pepperfry.

Pros: Find some great pieces of furniture and kitchen. prices are neither too high nor too low.

Cons: Pepperfry needs to grow its collection.

Background: HomeShop18 has become a cult (mothers, wives and everyone else) favorite for Kitchen buys, so is their channel. There is always a reason behind everything and here is a reason too. HomeShop18 has the widest variety in kitchen and a wide variety in home/home decor products. I browsed carefully leaving less chances of missing anything beautiful, useful and something which could be customized. HomeShop18 did not disappoint me at all. For kitchen products, I would head to them first.

Pros: Free shipping with great discounts. (Though, I am not saying that you can not get those stuff in nearby market. BUT you will have to browse, browse a lot).

Cons: I have heard (and not experienced) but the quality of HomeShop18 products sometimes fail to impress. 

But I also want to add that I bought a geyser from them which is did not fail to impress me and my mother in law liked a "mangalsutra - a jewellery made of black and gold beads with (specifically) gold pendant and is a sign of blessed marriage" set which she likes more than her real one. It's pretty and did not fade or wear out after getting in contact with liquid. (while we should take care of artificial jeweleries by not pouring water on to them.)

Background: Ebay does not need an introduction. Here I am not talking about Ebay.in. I still buys a lot of stuff from Ebay and I am never disappointed. People head to Ebay for getting lucky in finding something cheaper, vintage, dupes etc. Ebay is filled with every item you need. It has never failed em to impress with cool items like garlic peeler.

Pros: A wide variety to choose from. You might be able to get away with some beautiful products.

Cons: You need a lot of patience to shop at Ebay. It takes a lot of time for products to get delivered, sometimes they don't at all but Ebay Top Sellers are good at refunding your money. Happily!!

So here are my top 5 picks for Home and Home Decor items. Hope you enjoyed!!

Do let em know if you have shopped from any of these websites for home/decor items. Did you like it? How was the service?

Happy Shopping

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Thank you for reading!!

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