Oriflame India : I became an Oriflame Consultant!!

The Scoop:  Oriflame is a one word for skin care and makeup products made of Swedish nature and are lightly fragranced to reduce the allergy risks. It was founded by brothers Jonas and Robert in Sweden. Their products are not tested on animals which is another reason for promoting Oriflame. 

It grew from publishing just 1000 copies of catalogs and flyers in 1970 to a public company with the proud count of 8000 employees in more than 60 countries. Oriflame is involved in one to one selling and also known as Direct Marketing in terms of business. The vision of  team Oriflame is to be come #1 Beauty Company Selling Direct and mission is to fulfill dreams.

What it takes to be come an Oriflame Consultant (in India)?
- An Oriflame Consultant with a valid consultant number.
- Rs300 = $5.89

You need to provide following details-

- Full Name (as on your identity proof for e.g. PAN Card, Driving License, Passport etc.)
- A copy of identity proof (must in case you start earning through Oriflame)
- Date of Birth
- Full Postal Address
- Email Address
- Contact Number

The Process for registering a new Oriflame Consultant-

- Fill up the registration form online but pay the registration amount of Rs 300 to your nearest Oriflame office.
Consultant number will be generated instantly if you fill the online form.

- Fill up the hard copy and submit it to your nearest Oriflame office and pay Rs300. Wait for the representative give you the customer number.

Oriflame Office in New Delhi
1st Floor, L 29 to 34,
Connaught Place, Outer Circle,
New Delhi - 110001
Board Tel. No.: 43600400-09, 43665500-09
Customer Service: 011-40549500
E-mail: delhi.customersupport@oriflame.co.in

Click here to get complete list of Oriflame Contact Address in different cities.

Being an Oriflame Consultant is beneficial in lot many ways which I came to know only after I joined. I had a lot of fears and questions before being an Oriflame consultant, like-

Q. Is it mandatory to become a consultant to enjoy the Oriflame products?
A. Not really. Look around and you might find some of your friends, colleagues etc who may be an Oriflame Consultant. Ask them for the catalog and buy whatever you want.

Q. Is there any added benefit if I become an Oriflame Consultant?
A. Yes. To me, the first and nicest benefit is that I can buy Oriflame products whenever I want. I don't have to contact a consultant, place my order and then wait for consultant to deliver my order. I have an option of online purchases which helps me to get my products couriered to my doorstep.

2nd benefit: In case I have buyers for Oriflame Products, I am benefited in terms of money, free Oriflame products and more discounts.

3rd benefit: It's always a cherry on top if someone becomes a member through you. Please make sure the member you are making is not a forced member, a member who will not be interested in direct selling. It will be of no use. A member has to be active, buying stuff if not selling stuff... you know what I mean. But again, you don't have control on members so you just do your part and DO NOT FORCE PEOPLE TO BECOME MEMBER!!

Q. Do I need to keep selling products and contact a lot of people?
A. Oh no!! not at all. The friends, relatives and colleagues around you will be sufficient for this. But if you are too good in business, have business mind and just LOVE earning money then you must broaden your approach and make new friends. Be gregarious- as much as you can. It will help and you would not lose anything.

Q. What should I take acre of after becoming an Oriflame consultant and selling products to people?
A. I am glad to know that Oriflame is not a kind of name which can disappoint someone in terms of price, products and offers. However, if it does like a product does not suit someone then you have all rights to return the product and take the money back. Return it to the buyer. Remember a few things though-

- Make sure to take the order by its product number.
- Take the money in advance if possible.
- Inform the buyer about the delivery type you will choose to get his/her items.  Online purchases may take a day or two extra.
- Deliver the product as soon as you can.
- Remind your buyers that it's always the best to become a consultant than a buyer because you have additional benefits and you don't have to wait for consultants.

Q. Do not want to become a consultant? Place an order through Shopping, Style and Us for Oriflame products.

A. Many of you may not like to become consultant but you might want to buy some most coveted Oriflame products because you want to try them for the first time or you just love an Oriflame product and you can not find them anywhere else - in these case placing an order through a consultant  is an easy thing to do. Just make sure that consultant is trusted. A lot of beauty bloggers sell Oriflame products and they are trustworthy. The only downside you can see in placing orders through a consultant is that they might not have the products with them and they would place order for you which is justified. Likewise, I can buy your favorite Oriflame products and send them at the destination you want. This is how it will happen -

1. You contact me with the product name(s) via email - shoppingstyleandus@gmail.com.
2. I will send you the price list for the products.
3. You decide to buy the products and let me know.
4. I will send you the bank details for NEFT transfer.
5. You send the payment through NEFT transfer or direct bank deposit. (I am working with PayPal to get my receiving account activated) .
6. I will place an order once I receive the payment.
7. It usually takes 3 working days to receive products via Oriflame courier service.
8. I will ship the products to your address the next working day.
9. You expect to receive the products in another 3-4 working days in case you live in India.
10. Send me the confirmation once you receive the payment.

So, I have tried to be as short and crisp as I could. Everything mentioned above are curiosity and questions rose in my mind before and after becoming a consultant. I am still learning to get the best out of being a part of Oriflame but that doesn't mean pestering people to become a consultant under me. I just don't like that. Nonetheless, I will be more than happy if any one of you would like to become a member under me and if I could process your registration which means I am also being benefited. Give and Take types!! :)

I would also want the names and contact details along with areas if you are comfortable. We might be able to help more people looking for becoming a consultant or just want to buy products.

For more information, you can always check out Oriflame India website.

Write me an email and send it to shoppingstyleandus@gmail.com for any questions you have!!

To know more, please read my Disclosure Policy.

Thank you for reading!!

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