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I always get excited when I see new collections and their press releases. Kind of hoping that I would get my hands on at least one of the products. It doesn't happen always as I just keep it to myself that I wanted to buy some thing from the new range and then another new collection comes that sweeps off the new collection I was lemming at. But I always remember one thing - the kind of emotion I always feel when I see a particular collection. Mostly that emotion is called "excitement".

Pond's Talc collection made me HAPPY and nothing else. It directly pulled me in the past when one bottle was secured on the top of my mum's dressing table. That pretty bottle was Pond's Dreamflower Talc with its very signature smell. I am not a talc person and since childhood I always sniffed the talc.  And this range is getting me tempted to sniff all of these. Lame explanation, so let's read some sense:

Pond’s Dreamflower Talc empowering women to make the first move this summer!

India, April 12th, 2012:Summer is a fabulous time of the year but it comes with a downside. The soaring temperatures can wreak havoc on your confidence by causing horrible beauty dilemmas like excessive sweat, body odor, and acne. But this summer, don’t let the sweltering summer heat stop you from looking your natural and radiant best! Step out fearlessly in the sun and stay fresh and cool with the fragrant Pond’s Talc range! Get ready to add a fragrant twist to your romance this summer,as the Pond’s Dreamflower Talc is sure to give you the confidence to make the first move in your relationship!

The Pond’s Talc range, offers four variants, i.e., the Pond’s Magic Talc, Ponds Sandal Talc, Ponds Oil Control Talc and the flagship Pond’s Dreamflower Talc. The appealing fragrance of Ponds Dreamflower Talc induces that instant freshness and a lingering aroma, leaving you feeling revived and confident all day long. The variants are tightly sealed in a sleek appealing bottle and the new distinctive cap twist mechanism ensures easy dispensing and helps to preserve maximum concentration of the fragrance till the end.

Synonymous with beauty & romance, the Pond’s Dreamflower Talc also empowers you to be spontaneous and adds spice to your romance. The fragrant aura created around you will leave you feeling light as a summer breeze and gives you the confidence to take the lead in your relationship.

The legendary Pond’s Dreamflower Talc was launched in 1956 and has today become a trusted household name for any Indian to reckon with. The brand’s unforgettable heritage fragrance has touched millions of lives and since the 1980’s has dominated the talc market, enjoying a dominant market share. 

So all you pretty ladies, what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest store and add a fragrant twist to your summer romance with Pond’s Dreamflower Talc range. 

Priced from Rs. 5/-* to Rs. 112/-* across SKUs ranging from 20g to 400g, the Pond’s Dreamflower Talc range is available at all major personal care stores, super markets, hypermarkets and pharmacies.
*MRP (inclusive of all taxes)

Pond's Dream Flower Talc 

Fragrance Talc with Special Scent

Rs 108 for 400g
Rs 75 for 200g
Rs 42 for 100g
Rs 25 for 50g
Rs 5 for 20g

Pond's Dream Flower Magic Talc

Pond's Magic freshness talc with Acacia Honey extract which keeps your skin feeling soft and fresh all day long.

Rs 112 for 400g
Rs 45 for 100g
Rs 27 for 50g
Rs 5 for 20g

Pond's Oil Control Talc

Oil Control talc has tan protection that keeps you from sun darkening.

Rs 112 for 350g
Rs 45 for 100g

Pond's Sandal Talc

Pond's Pure Sandal Talc with natural sunscreen that keeps the natural glow on your fact intact.

Rs 109 for 300g
Rs 47 for 100g
Rs 29 for 50g
Rs 5 for 20g

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  Thank you for reading!!

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