Review:: Swatch:: Incolor Eyeliner in Black

I have been using this Incolor eyeliner for quite sometime and  must say that INCOLOR products are better than average. So, if you ever get a chance to invest into INCOLOR products, do it.

INCOLOR eyeliner is very pigmented and stays put for at least 4-5 hours and that's it. Now a days it flakes and it hasn't crossed its expiration date yet. I have seen this happening with a lot of water proof eyeliners so I really do not doubt its formula. 

It gives a decent finish, an opaque finish in one swipe and I am guessing that it is not very expensive too. These all points make it a decent eyeliner to invest into. If you love to use Elle 18, Lakme eyeliners then you can give it a shot.

Its wand, brush and the length makes my life easier to apply this. I know we have a lot of eyeliners available in the market at the moment, and I would personally go ahead and buy other for the sake of trying new eyeliners but if I would also choose this eyeliner in case I have no choice, UNLIKE Maybelline-Ultra-Liner . Maybelline Ultra Liner is one product from Maybelline which adds to my Product Disappointments becasue it flaked, wand was just not right and there was something which was freaking me out. I had done a little post on my old blog which is now alive to be my online shelf and I can not see it filled up soon.

Let's see more pictures and swatches of INCOLOR Eyeliner.

Incolor Eyeliner in Black

Incolor Eyeliner in Black  

Incolor Eyeliner in Black 

Incolor Eyeliner in Black 

Incolor Eyeliner in Black 

Incolor Eyeliner in Black


Q. What is the price of INCOLOR eyeliner?
A. It was gifted. I'll update this as soon as I find it.

Q.Any side effects?
A. None. It did not irritate or itch.

Q. Have I used any other product from INCOLOR?
A. Yes. 

Q. Product Rating.

if you are looking for a budget eyeliner with decent finish.

Disclaimer: Product was gifted. To know more, please read my Disclosure Policy.


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