Review:: Swatch:: Oriflame Very me Peach Me Perfect Tinted Moisturizer in Dark and Light

 Oriflame Peach Me Perfect in Dark and Light  (Rs 238/-)

Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow claims: Bring out the best in your complexion. Tinted gel moisturizer with a lightweight finish gives you a peachy, natural glow. Can be worn alone or with your favorite foundation.

If you have read my review on Maybelline BB Cream in Natural and Nude then you would know how I started feeling it to be a little drying than Oriflame Peach Me Perfect moisturizer. It is more hydrating than Maybelline BB Cream, keeps the face fresh all day long (I bet). I have worn it to my work and it stayed like that for 9 long hours, The only thing which irks me a bit is the glitters in it, but that is why our faces will glow. So, I just take it as it is. It has an artificial smell like any other tinted moisturizer and not like a regular moisturizer. But the smell is not overpowering.

Someone looking for glow, wish to hide flaws on face without looking made-up can go for Peach Me Perfect. it doesn't hide flaws completely and flawlessly though. It just give your face a coverage which can work perfectly to achieve a nude makeup look. Not to mention, Peach Me Perfect and Oriflame Blush are the main reasons why I became a consultant.

Peach me Perfect does not have a lot of shades available except Dark and Light which is also not very light and very dark which can render the best and suitable shades for darker and fairer skin tones. Anyone falling in b/w may buy both and mix them together to get that shade. This is where it loses some points and Maybelline BB Cream.

Apart from that this is more expensive than Maybelline BB Cream.

More Pictures and Swatches

  Oriflame Peach Me Perfect in Light and Dark

  Top to Bottom: Oriflame Peach Me Perfect in Dark and Light

Top to Bottom: Oriflame Peach Me Perfect in Dark and Light

Oriflame Peach Me Perfect in Dark in artificial light

Oriflame Peach Me Perfect in Dark in artificial light
Can you see the glitters?

Oriflame Peach Me Perfect in Dark in artificial light (Applied on face)
Natural Face

L to R: Oriflame Peach Me Perfect in Dark in day light 


Q.Where to buy Oriflame Peach Me Perfect?
A. Buy it from your nearest Oriflame Consultant or mail me at

QWhat is the price?
A. Rs 238/-

Q.Available shades in Oriflame Peach Me Perfect?
A. Dark and Light

Q.What skin-type it will suit?
A. Peach Me Perfect will suit perfectly to oily and combination skin type. It may also work for dry skin people but not too dry skin.

Q.Any side effects?

Product Rating

Disclaimer: Product was bought for review purposes. To know more, please read my Disclosure Policy.

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