On the Stands : VOGUE September 2012 (Preview of adds, pictures and articles inside it)

"On the Stands" is a series of peek-a-boo-posts of magazines and books I am reading or I have read. To me, everything inside and outside a magazine is always fascinating. Channeling the thoughts through pictures, write-ups and add is an astonishing yet a hectic job. I can totally feel that BUT I can not stop myself from appreciating them. Hope you like them and share your thoughts!!

On Cover - Alia Bhatt (Daughter of Mahesh Bhatt, Step Sister of Pooja Bhatt)
Alia Bhatt is wearing - 
Georgette-Satin gown by Gucci
Faceted Mirage amethyst, diamonds and multicolor sapphires set in 18k gold ring by Farah Khan Fine Jewellery

Hair by Christos  Kallianiotis/Terrie Tanaka
Makeup by Micky Contractor/M.A.C. Assistant 
Stylist - Priyanka Kapadia
Photographed by Luis Monteiro

 If you are already a fan of Alia Bhatt and her appearances in parties and her up-coming movie clips (Fill in the blanks) then you should give some time to this magazine. You must see how beautiful Alia Bhatt looks and the maturity which lacked in public appearances is filled from top to bottom. Talking about the pictures, let's see how she looks in this picture that I like because of the simplicity

How beautiful this picture is and the dress - WOW.

I try to look at every page and closely so i don't miss a thing. Trust me everything attracts these bling-o-bling magazines. But I kind of jump sometimes, and this happened when I read that military trend is back. this color speaks the language of rebel to me -

 Then there is this Beauty section in which we read everything pink, magenta and red.

then the mention of Beth Ditto for M.A.C.

A lot of times, I am blown by advertisement. If you watch Country's Top Model series, then  you'd understand why I am blown. The kind of strict routine models have and what they go through for each achievement is worth watching and learning one or two lessons of life. trust me, you will be hooked to the series and feel ashamed of what we complain for....

Laffaire Add


GUESS (I am into this shirt a lot that it hurts. )

Must Read - Beauties of our neighbor country and probably controversial too, yet a part of me loves Pakistan because I know not everybody hates India in Pakistan too.

 Learn the art of layering here. But my eyes go to this bird on Burberry Prorsum  sweater.

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