Styling Tips - Dressing Up for Work, A Little Differently

Mix and Match of colors and prints.  

Who said all black is boring?

Now, who said these shoes won't look good at work? We can make it work!!

I have hots for grey color and if it is working with white to color block - it is to die for.

When you are a little bored with work-outfit.

Simple and easy!!

Fir a peppy girl like you - peppy colors around you!!

Emanuelle Alt- She makes me stop and stare at her for longer than usual. This happens always. You know why? Because she makes everything look so easy-breezy-outfit-inspiration.

Your thoughts? 
Would you go for any outfit form this list?

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  1. I completely love the first look.. Dressing up for work can be fun too ! :)
    PS- New post is up at my blog-


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