Full of Fun Bloggers Meet - Hosted by Indiblogger and Pantene (Nature Fusion)

 Being a part of Indiblogger has its own perks and one of them is Bloggers Meet that they keep hosting time to time. This was my first blogger meet through Indiblogger and I must say that I have never attended anything so fun in ages. I was a child again. Though I am a little introvert in terms of jumping, running around and giggling but I did it all.

I was an hour late and I thought that it would be a little embarrassing to enter the ball room full of people. Thanks to smiling Indiblogger team, one of the team members attended me smiling and escorted me to the pace where I had to register and then I got my seat. Beautiful arrangement, topped off with soothing flowers on the table with a dusting of green color here, perfectly suited what the event was meant for - Pantene Nature Fusion.

The Real Deal- Pantene Nature Fusion and Importance of Cassia Plant

Lais Koelle, from Brazil who is currently living in Singapore works for Pantene. If I am correct, she is a part Pantene Research and Development Team. Lais, a very pleasant girl with lovely voice explained us all how Casia - a plant originally found in India is an integral part of Pantene's new shampoo and conditioner and why!! Let's see some pictures -

Lais Kowelle

History of Pantene


 Transformation of Cassia

Result of Cassia Transformation

Hair Care FAQ

  Top 3 Questions asked by bloggers and answered by Lais Kowelle of Pantene

Q. Why is it important to use shampoo and conditioner from the same range?
Lais K - The range is always developed to prepare our hair for the ingredients used in the product work better on our hair. So when you use shampoo it actually prepares for your hair to work better with the conditioner from the same range which is formulated to work with this shampoo only.
Q. Why does my hair keep falling? How can I cure it?
Lais K - Losing 50-100 hairs every day is normal and natural. Our hair has a life cycle and it varies from person to person. So, if you hair doesn't grow longer than the shoulder-length then it is possible that this is the life-cycle of your hair. So usually, hair fall should not concern us.

Q. What is the cause of dandruff and if it causes hair fall?
Lais K - Nothing can cause dandruff. However, certain things can make it worse. Because dandruff id a king of fungi which feeds on the sebum that our scalp produces. So it's always there but it worsens and starts growing if we don't wash our hair for many days.

Dandruff can cause hair fall. SO it's important to take care of dandruff on time and above all - keep your scalp and hair clean.

  Fun @ Pantene Nature Fusion Women's Indiblogger Meet

The Balloon - Save Yours and Burst Others
 Mere thought of this fun game makes me laugh louder. Every body, from a 13 years blogger to 50+ blogger and everybody in between were running, bursting others and saving their balloons. I was the nicest player around who did not burst anyone's ballon because whenever I approached they nodded - no-no-no. Please don't. And I did not burst their balloons. Of course I lost!!

 Time before these pretty round things were busted to pieces. 

Afterwards- the same hands sans balloon.

 Drum Rolls - Our 3 winners. I can't imagine how their balloons survived those crazy people with toothpicks. (and I was one of them.)

                                                            Mummy with a Message
 4 toilet papers, one poor girl and 7 freakin'  excited mummy makers (mummy = as pictures suggest, don't think otherwise.) and the result was 7 tables and 7 beautiful mummies.  The idea was to make your mummy stand for a cause or a message. Ours, 3rd from the last, Shallini Dhillon of BeBeautilicious, stood for "Crime Against Woman".

 Let's take a closer look of Shalini and give her a big hand!! She deserves it.

Flower Arrangement

Beautiful ceramic vase, a bunch of beautiful and different flowers (from lilies to exotics) and one exclusive element in the secret bag. Ours were white pebbles that we had to use somewhere in the arrangement and we managed. Our darling and looks like a smalll-garden-project with blue ribbon is right there, 2nd from the last. Oh not to mentioned we escorted this amazonian garden to the stage with cheers. Special thanks 2 of our friends Dolly and a very talented blogger friend (I don't remember your name, please comment if you're reading. Sorry for my stupid memory.)

30 Seconds of Fame

I enjoyed this session, followed by a tongue twister or a dialogues for example Main Tumhare Bachche Ki Maa Banne Wali hu. The funniest and whackiest one!! Oh my!! I was feeling so pumped surrounded by so many nice people around who were writing for themselves and for a cause too. I got to learn a lot and it's really really difficult to pen down what everybody was representing. But of course you can become a part of Indiblogger and see what it has to offer. Talent, Talen and Talent!!

Mine was crappiest introduction, I don't know what I spoke, how I looked speaking but I enjoyed. That is what matters!!

Yummy Food

I remember what one of my blogger friend said (let me know if I can mention your name) - "this is what I love about "blogger meets". Good food. And Indibloggers meet was no exception. Food was so good. Sorry, no pictures. we all were busy munching with plate in hand.

Our Table - Our Gang

Here comes the pictures of those who were partner in crime, fun, cracking jokes and having loads and loads of fun. We laughed out loud after every few minutes!!

Vanu and Isha

L to R - (Click on the names to visit their blogs)Vanu, Isha, Garima, Soumi, myself, Dolly and our friend (I don't remember the name)

L to R - Shalini, Isha, Garima, Soumi and myself

 me and Bharti

 I ahve to tell you all more about Yashodhara Rai, author of "Just Married, Please Excuse but that would be in another post because she shared a lot of stuff with us and this post is going to be bigger, so stay tuned!! The fun at indibloggers meets never ends I guess!!

For the details - like "When, Where and What" please go here.

Read part II of this blogger meet here.
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