Leibster Blog Award by Anusha Outfitter

Receiving a blog award is always fun and full of excitement. I am so glad that Anusha from Anusha Outfitter put me among those bloggers who receive this award.

Rules - I've to answer 10 questions about myself and then pass this award to 10 other deserving bloggers with less than 300 followers. 

Anusha asked - 

Anusha - Do you like blogging more or shopping?
Me - Shopping (first) and then blogging. Now a days both go hand in hand.
Anusha - What’s the one thing about you that you adore? :P
Me - My husband loves my smile and he melts when he sees it. So, I adore my smile.
Anusha - What’s your favorite TV show?
Me - F.R.I.E.N.D.S all the way (I still watch it on WB channel) 

Anusha -  Beauty or fashion- what do you like more?
Me - Please don't make me choose b/w these two. I love both of them - fashion and makeup.

      If I become a little philosophical then I'd say fashion is something that keeps changing and very much an external factor in making a person (here I am not talking about style). But beauty has to be internal as well as external. Don't worry about aesthetic values of external beauty because that is temporary. No matter what. Celebrities and royals spend millions, yet they get old, wrinkled faces and everything else that a commoner would get. Be stylish and beautiful!!
Anusha - What are you most proud of?
Me - that I am able to do what I want for my parents. I wish for something realistic for my parents and I am able to fulfill them. this is what i ever wanted in my life.  I am proud of myself and I hope my parents are too!!

Anusha - What’s one thing you’d take with you when stranded on an island?
Me - Skills of swimming deep in the sea so I could dive in and find food for myself. I know its importance because I saw one movie in which this was the best thing a many could do to save himself on that island. fir koi na koi kabhi na ake bacha hi lega. Fingers crossed!!
Anusha What’s the one thing you get never get bored of?
Me - Net surfing. I can go on and on.
Anusha Do you believe in ghosts? (Random, right? Not really, I am watching Ghost Hunters7-hehe) 
Me - Yes I do!! very much.
Anusha What are you most scared of?
 Me - Centipede.

         Anusha Where would you like to holiday next?
          Me - My husband and I can not get enough of Goa at the moment. We visited Goa for our honeymoon and love everything about it. Hopefully we are going to visit Goa in February 2013. Below pic was taken in Goa and one of the most memorable moments!!


I am giving this award to -

1. Read on by Garima (For beautiful and thought provoking write-ups she has to offer on her blog.)

2. Beautiful She Forever by Vanu (Shopping, fashion and beauty is her forte and she is one charming girl who will make you smile all day long. )

3. Indian Beauty Blog by Ritu (A former write for IMBB and now the founder of IBB. She knows what she does!!)

4. Indian Beuaty Journal by Preetha Karhtik (For her details reviews and reviews and more reviews)

5.Zestful Nails by Uzma (For loads of nail paints, beauty hauls and giveaway updates - isn't it everything we want here?)

6.Beauty Accessorized by Ruby Parmar (Clear pictures, loads of hauls and reviews - this is Beauty Accessorized. What I like the most is the uncommon (to me) products are reviewed and it has varieites.)

 7.Beauty Rush by Aswathy (Aswathy has recently started her blog and I love how she brings flavors by writing about skincare, hair care and thoughts.)

8.  Corals in a Shell by Dhriti (I love, love the name of this blog. Read her posts and you'd know she has this huge mine of thoughts and channeling the beauty in her mind. I am new to her blog and would love to see her grow.)

9.  All Things Beautiful by Apoorva (New ton Apporva's blog but she does look like one big TBS fan to me. I loved her review on TBS showergel.)

10. In Vogue Obsessions by Idee Fixe (Probably a fan of Sex and the City, Carried Bradshaw's one liner is what "in vogue obsessions" is.)

Here's how you can accept the award (the rules):

1. You must answer the 10 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you for the award, that is me.
2. You must pass on the award to 10 other deserving bloggers who are upcoming and have less than 300 followers.
3. Create 10 questions for the bloggers you tagged.
4. Let the lucky bloggers know you gave them the award.

I have tried to be on the same page as Anusha but with a little brain storming questions. They sound fun and hope you enjoy answering them.

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. One thing in your closet that you love and do not want to ever part from it?

3. What's your favorite season and why?

4. What's that one thing you wish you knew how to do?

5. If you are in hurry because you have to attend a red carpet event. You are not ready yet and have only 5 minutes to spare - what makeup product you'd choose to instantly do your face?

6. Heels or Flats?

7. What does "vintage" mean to you?

8. Nobody is at home and you are all alone. It is raining cats and dogs, somebody knocks the door but you are NOT able to see him/her outside. What would you do? (OMG I am getting goose bumps...yikes!!) 
9. Your favorite social networking site?

         10. What will be your message to someone whom you love the most you hate dislike the most?

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Jiya (Shoppingaholic)


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  1. so sweet of u..wud def do it soon..:)

  2. Congrats Jia,
    I liked that "in the air shot"..:)

  3. Thnx a ton fr the lovely award dear...loved your mid-air pic vry much...nice timing ;)

  4. I liked your opinion of Style.Indeed it is :)
    And the Expression in the picture is so cute <3 You def have that melting smile.
    Keep smiling :)
    And Thanks a ton for the award :D

  5. hey thanks a lot... but its poorva, not apoorva :)
    n i loved ur goa pic :D

  6. Thank you soo much for the Award. :)
    In love with the pic,happiness is actually exploding in this pic,and me too love your smile. :) <3
    Tke cre

  7. awww... thanks for those sweet words Jia:)
    congos, and thanks for sharing too!
    will post it up on my blog soon!

  8. Thanks Jiya, will do this fun post soon :)

  9. Jiya, loved reading your answers. Sorry for the late reply, I was holidaying in Goa. I love Goa too.
    And I am sure your parents are really proud of you, you seem really sweet. Great to know you a little! :D

    Check out my new post on Diwali outfit ideas


    Keep in touch!


  10. And I'm done Jiya! :) :D Thanks for the award and here's my post!! :D


  11. hey im so sorry for doing this so late :( just posted it ... http://beautyfulljourney.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/blog-award-by-jiya/


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