Product Disappointment : Audrey's Bamboo Puff

"Product Disappointment" is the section where I review such products which did not work at all. They did not live up to the price, claim and expectations. SSU could not find a reason to like it. 

 Audrey's Bamboo Puff (Rs.195)

Audrey's Bamboo Puff : is claimed to be an organic loofah that protects skin from anti-ageing and perfect for body scrubbing. I was sold this loofah because of word bamboo attached that also seemed to be organic. If you read its claims below in "In This Post" section - you'd find how "After repeatedly washing and drying, it will ensure its original activity."

Material of the loofah - DISAPPOINTMENT - I would say that this may be an organic loofah that sounds exciting but to me it is just another hand-towel, ruffled and tied with matching rope to make it a handful of loofah. One time use of this loofah has not dried yet and it's been 3 days in a row. It will dry if i go out and put it under sun or untie the rope and spread it on the clothes stand like I do with my other clothes. BUT DO I REALLY NEED MAKE THIS MUCH OF EFFORT AFTER TAKING A SHOWER? Probably not.

Application - DISAPPOINTMENT -  This loofah eats up my body wash. Period. My body wash did not lather as much as it does when I used my Soulflower loofah which is my favorite and other regular loofahs that we use. *I am so sad*

Recycle-Reuse-Reduce - I believe in not throwing anything out and reusing for a different task. I would probably make this a duster.

Did I tell you that I really love the color of this loofah? Yes, I do.

Let's see more pictures of Audrey's Bamboo Puff -

 Audrey's Bamboo Puff (Rs.195)

Audrey's Bamboo Puff (Rs.195)


 Audrey's Bamboo Puff (Rs.195)

  Audrey's Bamboo Puff (Rs.195)

In This Post ---

Product - Organic Loofah made by Bamboo as claimed by brand Audrey's

Price -  Rs.195

Brand Information -
 Audrey's - Presto Industries was established in 1965 and since then has been in the field of Hair brushes and combs. In order to cater to the needs of the customers for personal grooming range, it launched Audrey’s Beauty and Makeup Accessories. Designed with a concept of “A healthy life with environment friendly products”, the Audrey’s range offers non animal hair makeup brushes, bio degradable makeup sponges, non latex bath sponges and ergo friendly manicure implements. [Goodlife]

Claims -
Audrey's Bamboo Puff - BP13

  1. Audrey's Bamboo Puff  made of bamboo fiber have the bio-efficacy of skin moisturising. Anti-fatigue and anti-ageing.
  2. After repeatedly washing and drying, it will ensure its original activity.
  3. Audrey's bamboo bath puff carries 89% bamboo and 11% cotton.[Goodlife]

Where can I buy?

Where can I buy online? @Goodlife for Rs.181

Rating - Not-To-One-Have-At-All
Rather, buy a hand towel.

Your thoughts? 
To Buy or Not To Buy

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  1. oh that's sad! not wasting my money on those. lovely post.


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