Look of the Day - You Can Wear With Your Friends at Brunch

This is a very simple look I created while doing swatches of Lotus Herbals Purestay Collection. Thereare two different blushes on my cheeks and that's why it looks weird. The change in light is intentional because I wanted to see how it looks in different types of light. See yourself. I really love this look and I would love to wear it this look when I am out with my friends. I am getting more confident in makeup now but taking just a step at a time. I am not in hurry and wish to learn a lot so it will happen gradually over the time.

A suggestion by a "beginner" to "beginner(s)" in makeup - First, start wearing makeup at home to get comfortable with makeup on your face. See your face often in mirror and see what looks good and what not. This is how you will accept yourself in makeup.

 Let's see what you think?

- Do you like this look?
-Are you a beginner in makeup?
- Any suggestions?

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