SSU Men | Top 4 Men's Fashion Accessories in 2013 and Some Useful Tips

Latest Men’s Fashion Tips for 2013

Are you looking to change your old looks and want to add some latest touch to your personality for this New Year? Here are the latest tips for men in 2013. Now-a-days, most people might look for numerous ways to change their old style with the latest fashion trends.



Many people consider wearing watches not just for the sake of knowing the time. There are a few people who wear watches to create a style statement in their society. Wrist watches are often considered as the symbol of fashion, prosperity and innovation. You can go for modern watches that suit your hands. There are different styles, shapes and price categories of watches available in the market. You can try latest watch from big brands such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Richard Mille and Hublot for 2013.



From the ancient times, footwear has evolved from protective sandals to an aesthetic and comfort part of clothing. The ideal shoes for men are high quality Oxford style with reinforced heel and good arch support. Before buying shoes, you should try them to test your comfort levels, Make sure that footwear fit well on back, front and sides. Sandals should possess midsoles which offer safety from shock absorption. Select a footwear with a stiff heel counter, flexible at the ball of the feet, supportive upper and appropriate cushioning. Make sure that there is a thumbnail’s gap between the tip of your longest toe and front of the inside. Dress shoes are out for 2013 and boots are likely to get a place in this New Year’s fashion arena. 



Hats are synonymous of elegance and class appearance. From the ancient days they have modified their shapes and styles, but they have not vanished from the fashion industry. Berets, beanies, caps, cloches, trilbies and trappers in every shape and size are vital fashion items for 2013. You can go for latest hat brands such as Burberry Prorsum, Marc Jacob and Gucci to define your style. 



If you want to showcase your status and style, latest bags are the best choice. Designer bags such as Narciso Rodriguez and Louis Vuitton have recently released into the market. Try these bags which hold deceptive fashion enigma. Latest bags can add an elusive look to your outfit. If you want to organise your personal belongings and keep some important items, well designed attractive bag is important.

By matching and mixing two different patterns you can change your appearance for this season. Try pairing stripped ties with micro-plaid dress shirts to create interesting contrast for 2013. Most men shy away from jewellery, but this is the arena where you can set yourself apart from the crowd. You can try ever latest items such as cufflinks, rings, clips and bracelet to change your personality and appearance. If you want to add a slimming look for your personality, you can try two-button jacket for this season.

You can buy the latest fashion items from an online store or from your nearest designer store. If you fall short of money, you can go for cash payday loans which are easy and simple ways to fulfil your financial needs. 

The guest post was contributed by Sophie, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs @financeport .

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