List of Colors and Name of Their Shades


When it comes to decide the name of color shades, call me a virgin. I just don't have any idea about it. I fail to decide the closest shade name when for nail paints so I thought why not look for some color names and their shade names. I found a lot of article but the one I found at Wikipedia was the most informative so I thought of sharing the same with you all. 

By the way there are others like Pantone and I like their naming conventions the most. I wanted to see all the colors available on Pantone and will prefer quoting Pantone color codes/names but their website is too complicated for me. So, nothing simpler for Pantone except their yearly colors that they announce each year.


How to fine Pantone color names on Pantone Site

1. Go to this link -
2. In the blank bar, type in the color name  you want to find like blue, pink etc.  It will give you the list of color/shade names. VOILA!!

Below are the best refernece for you, me and every body. Just click on the pictures to view in bigger size or you can check out the color details on Wikipedia.

Disclaimer: Image courtesy - wikipedia.
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