New Launch | Colorbar Makeup Brushes in White and Pink (Product Images and Prices)

Hello friends,

I spotted COLORBAR makeup brushes, sponges, eye lash curler etc. I though you'd like to know about them. So here are pictures and prices of these pink and white brushes -

COLORBAR Blush Brush

Picture of Colorbar Blush Brush
Price of Colorbar Blush Brush

 COLORBAR Eye Blending Brush

Price of  COLORBAR Eye Blending Brush

COLORBAR Eyeshadow Brush

COLORBAR Eyedefining Brush


COLORBAR Mini Manicure Brush 

COLORBAR 4-Ways Buffer


Price of COLORBAR 4-Ways Buffer

COLORBAR Duo Cosmetic Pencil Sharpner

Price of COLORBAR Duo Cosmetic Pencil Sharpner

COLORBAR Contouring Brush

Price of COLORBAR Contouring Brush

COLORBAR Foundation Brush

Price of COLORBAR Foundation Brush

COLORBAR Powder Brush

Price of COLORBAR Powder Brush

COLORBAR Emery Tipped Cuticle Sticks

COLORBAR Foundation Sponges


COLORBAR Foundation Sponge Wheel


COLORBAR Nail Buffers/Shiners


COLORBAR Flat Tip Tweezer


COLORBAR SlantTweezer


COLORBAR Pedicure Pack 

Price of COLORBAR Pedicure Pack

COLORBAR Nail Shaping Set 

COLORBAR Eyelash Curler (Rs. 250)


COLORBAR Smudger Brush (Rs. 250)

Picture of COLORBAR Smudger Brush (Rs. 250)

Though I bought eyelash curler, smudger brush and duo pencil sharpener. Let me know if you want me to review any!!

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  1. ooohhh nice .. i definitely want the contour brush,smudger and the blending brush :D Thanks for sharing the details ! Good work <3

  2. I am getting that Pink-Black curler too :D
    Cute indeed!
    Thanks Jiya, makes up helpful post :)

  3. Thank you Idee!! Glad to help. :)

  4. Most of the brushes look so cute :) But I wonder if the color of the bristle would bleed :O

  5. I am thinking the same but I will tell you soon if they bleed or not!! I am also thinking what if bristles fall off?

  6. liking everything! but i dont have high hopes for the brushes! plz review them & also the lash curler!

  7. oooh loved going through the pics, lovely! thanks :)

  8. loved the pink bristled blush brush..its super cute

  9. Me too... I really love the pink bristles!!

  10. Thanks for visitng Coral. <3

  11. all r so cute na:) just got a few of them today:)

  12. Soooo cute, lovely n very young colours, after classic black, white gold n brown so much colour looks quite refreshing, thanx for sharing :)

  13. Hi, How is the quality of the smudger brush? worth buying?

  14. I agree :( you cant really judge just looking at them :(

  15. that eyelash curler sucks! trust me don't buy it. :(

  16. How is the quality of the smudger brush?

  17. it's good. review is pending. coming up very soon. <3


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