Review | Incolor Absolute Primer with SPF 15

Incolor Absolute Primer with SPF 15

INCOLOR Absolute Primer is my first ever primer. I don't have a lot to say about this primer though. It is a clear gel based primer which does make my face feel smooth, silky that I really like. It brings a little difference to the surface of my face though. I don't use heavy makeup. So I tested it by applying a heavy foundation 2 days in a row with and without it. I found that it does make my makeup last a little longer. It did not break me out or cause any irritations that I was expecting from it. Good for me!

So, it is a decent primer that one can invest into. If I talk about myself, I would pick any other brand for my next primer like some other drugstore brand very soon


Rs. 500


This primer has a solvent that makes your skin feel smooth and silky (Cyclomethicone), an antioxidant (BHA) and Vitamin E (Tocopherol). These names were sufficient to make me feel that I was NOT using a product which could cause irritation to my skin.
Ingredinets of INCOLOR Absolute Primer

A before and after picture-

 You'll find my "after" face less like a bumpy ride while my "before" face looks like some kind of rock-dessert area. yeah, I know!!

You know the best section of my face which tells me if something worked as it should have or not is around the nose area and my left puffy eye. Nobody never punched me in my left eye, even then. *sad face*.

I bought it from:

A local dealer

- So, have you ever used this primer? 

- What do you think of this primer from this post?

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