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acrylic sets available in India for organizing makeup

I bought this acrylic makeup organizer a while back. The agenda was to buy an organizer that could fit in most of my makeup but I settled for this one because I am in impulsive buyer. It stores a little of my makeup and is perfect for keeping the products for daily use. a few brushes in the back, a few creams and serums in the middle and then lipsticks and lips balms in the front.

It has a small drawer in the bottom which is sufficient to carry some nick-knacks like sharpener, a few stuff that might be useful and come handy later, some jewellery etc.

It is a very sturdy piece because I dropped it a couple of times while checking and playing with it but it did not break. If it did I would have thought price Rs. 400 was not justified.

My last thought is that regardless of its price and capacity of holding less makeup/items, I do like it. I mean anything that stores something in my room is something that I adore. But one thing is clear this organizer is not sufficient.




Rs. 400

Where did I buy?

Central Market, Lajpat Nagar-IV

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