My Online Shopping Experience Wtih and Leah Animal Print Loafers

Back in October 2012, I shopped at for leopard print loafers that I have always been in love with.  I waited to do a review on their shipping and delivery services, customer services if I had to deal with. but it took me forever and now I am sitting in March 2013, doing this review. What a great blogger and shopaholic I am. Shame!!

But I thought, regardless of being so late it is always good to share the review, at least of a website which might turn useful for someone. So, read on!!

I used to eye on tobi items a couple of years back or may be three years back when they started I guess, so I had to buy something from them to satisfy that craving plus to buy leopard print loafers.

They delivered the item in 16 days, in mint condition. But due to my stupidity I got US5.5 instead of UK5.5. It was totally me. Since I did not want to return the pair, I kept and gave it away to one of my friends on her Birthday. 

The quality of loaders are great and she is madly in love with this pair that she wanted to buy one for her friend. She says that they are comfortable and easily cleaned when dirty. She uses damp cloth to wipe off the dirt and the material of the loafer which faux small fur are never destroyed. 

So, in a nut shell, my first experience with is good so far. I hope it continues to be the same in future.

If you wish to buy from them, go ahead. Satisfy your stylista!!

Disclaimer: The product was bought by Shopping, Style and Us for review.
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