About CC Creams and Difference Between BB & CC Creams

When you'd Google CC creams, you would see numerous pages with lots of information about CC creams. I was confused and a little overwhelmed with TMI. So, I listed down some better-to-know- points about CC cream that you and I can keep handy. Hope it helps you in some way!

What is a CC Cream?
CC Cream was formulated by Asian beauty experts to probably outshine their own popular in whole universe - BB Creams, The Beauty Balm Creams. CC Cream stands for "Color Correcting" cream which evens out and brightens the complexion. [ I am thinking if this what BB creams are also supposed to do!! ]

The first CC cream launched somewhere out of Asia?
It is Olay CC Cream in USA, launched in October 2012.

First CC Cream launched in India?

Is CC Cream different from BB cream?
Yes! it. First of all, about my findings -
Coverage - I have read a few reviews and the beauty fanatics claim that BB creams give less coverage when compared with foundations, this is where CC creams score. CC creams give good amount of coverage while making the skin feel almost bare. [I am so excited to experience that!]

Texture - My personal experience of BB creams is that they are drying and not hydrating enough for my oily/sensitive skin which is also aging. Though I found Garnier BB Cream to be less drying that Maybelline BB Creams. On the other hand my friend found MISSHA BB Cream to be really effective for her acne prone skin.

Shade Availability - Outside of India, beauty experts think they don't have variety of options for different complexion types in BB cream while they have more shades available in CC Cream. This is where Garnier BB Cream sat behind with one shade and Maybelline BB Cream scored because it comes in three shades - Nude, Natural and Radiance. My ultimate disappointment is that our Indian CC cream launched by Lakme comes in just two shades and I fear it will suit many. [I would soon try this CC cream available in India and tell you what difference I find.]

Here is a great informative about the difference between BB Creams and CC Creams by Cosme-de.com. Cosme-de.com is one of my favorite websites, though I have bought from them just once, I totally trust them.

Will there be a DD cream too?
I recently read of a DD cream being launched somewhere in the world. On that, next time when I have more information.

How Many CC Creams are available in market?
There are many and I would try my best to list as many as I could. But here are some of them.

In India -  just one.

 Lakme Complexion Care CC Cream

Brand : Lakme
Price : INR250 for 30 ml
Shades : Beige and Bronze

In Asia - I need more fingers to count. In short I can't give you the real numbers.

Globally - Here is the list of  CC Creams that we must know.

 Chanel Correction Complete CC Cream

Brand : Chanel
Price : $55  = INR3264.29
Shades : Beige

 Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream

Brand : Smashbox
Price : $42 = INR2492
Shades : Fair, Light, Light/Medium,  Medium, Dark

Olay CC Cream

Brand : Olay
Price : $21.50 = INR1276.04
Shades : Fair to Light, Light to Medium, Medium to Deep

Lorac Color Correcting CC cream

Brand :Lorac
Price : $28 = INR1661.82
Shades :Light, Medium, Tan

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

Clinique Moisture Surge CC cream

Brand : Clinique
Price : $35 = INR2077.27
Shades : Deep, Fresh Peach, Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Deep, Natural, Natural Fair, Very Light
*Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream has recently been launched in India and it is available on Clinique counters of major malls like The Select City Walk,  DLF Promenade etc.

BUY  Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Online (Worldwide Delivery)

Stila CC Color Correcting CC Cream

Brand : Stila
Price : $44 = INR 2,644.43
Shades : Fair-01, Light-02, Tone-03, Medium-04, Warm-05, Tan-06

Brand - Hydroxatone
Price - $39 = INR2,339.63
Shades - Transclucent, Light, Medium, Tan, Dark
Benefits - It's a CC cream and anti-acne treatment. This CC cream reduces fine lines, uneven skin tone and prevents acne.

*As seen on DailyGlow

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