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Beaver Energizing Multi Protectant Spray - A Spray That Protects Hair With Sunflower and White Lotus Flower Extract


 Beaver Energizing Multi Protection Spray

  1. With Sunflower and White Lotus Flower Extract, replenish moisture, eliminate hair smell, leaving fresh and non-greasy hair.
  2. Anti-oxidant formula, isolating pollution, resisting against free radicals and the harmful effects of the environment, protecting hair color.
  3. UVA / UVB protection: form a protective film on the hair, anti-uv rays and protecting hair and color.
  4. Give hair shine and soft effect, without adding extra burden on hair.

About Beaver

 Beaver Cosmetic Co. was established in 2006. The focus of Beaver brand is on hair care products. The product range covers washing, nursing, perming and styling. The factory for Beaver has been approved by EU and U.S. cosmetics GMPC system certification.


Rs. 495

I bought this spray back in September 2012 but reviewing it today. Don't know why! I am a slacker. Have I ever told that I am not too much into hair products except henna, shampoo, (occasionally) conditioner and sprays. I have never used serum in my hair before but I do plan to use Fructis Smoothing Silky Straight 24/7 serum that a lot of people rave about. Why haven't I used it because it's a lot cheaper than this one? because my scalp is oily and my hair tend to get limp and dull after a day and a half when I wash my hair. This can be one reason why I skip conditioner a lot of times. I fear sprays because most of them are meant to make your hair silky and smooth, which means ingredients that locks moisture and simulates oil production. I may be wrong but this is my understanding.

Beaver Energizing Multi Protectant Spray was bought because of its name - Multi Protectant. After our lives spent in heavy pollution, we keep an eye on anything that provides protection. And when it's multi protection then it's kind of necessary to give a shot, specially when it's pocket friendly. 

This spray looks like milk heavily diluted with water, feels almost like water and when sprayed on hair, it reduces dryness, pats fly-hair down and makes hair really smooth. Hair looks a lot healthier as dry hair ends make hair look a little frizzy. What I really liked about this spray is that it doesn't make my hair limp or oily after application.It takes 304 sprays all over hair and a little rubbing. My hair is till my waist and not too thick or thin.

The quantity is good so if you are looking for a hair spray that you can include in your daily routine to avoid frizz and dryness, this is the name to reach out to. The packaging is nice and fresh with orangey color, looks adorable on dresser.

The one thing I don't agree with in the claims section is that this spray makes your hair smell great or fresh. No this is not right. This hair spray doesn't add any smell to your hair, though it does have its own fragrance. But it doesn't over power the scent of shampoo, conditioner or mist you have applied.

I will not repurchase it because I'd like to try other sprays but I'd definitely reach out to this one if I don't find a satisfactory spray for myself.

I wish this spray had SPF.


- A spray with water like feel and looks of milk.
- A mild scent which doesn't overpower the scent of other hair products you use.
- 3-4 sprays all over hair does the job for waist-length hair.
- Doesn't make hair limp.
- No comments on protecting hair but it does make hair look healthy.
- Wish it had SPF in it. It would have made an ideal spray for me.

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Before Applying Beaver Energizing Multi Protectant Spray

After Beaver Energizing Multi Protectant Spray

A hint of makeup with pink blush and pink lip gloss.

I Am Wondering If - 

- You also don't use hair sprays (a lot) like me?
- You did not know about brand Beaver before reading this review?
- Have you found your ideal hair spray yet?
- Which hair spray has SPF in it?

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