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How easy it would be if we have a place to see the color palette to be used in our homes! It is easy for me to decide the colors I'd want in my home while renovating, revamping or reconstructing any corner. I have already made a plan to bring a lot of changes in my house. this doesn't make me sad or angry that I am living in a house which doesn't look like my dream house, because I love houses for the emotions they bring with each brick that was used. Dream house is just the another way to put the same emotions but in a different way. I have promised myself that I would not break or remove any wall in this house that my parents-in-law built with their hard earned money and efforts until they want. But I promise that I would make it look fresher, mod-intage (modern + vintage) and more spacious. This is just a plan and it may take some time to bring a change in the entire house but I can start somewhere. So, let's start with color palettes and color inspirations for now. We will gradually move to storage ideas, DIY inspirations and less-expensive/economical changes to the house so we all can afford. Like the idea?

Outdoor Dining Area and Red Chairs

Colorful Bedroom with Striking Red Accents

Hint of Red on Cushions and Furnitures

Red Chairs Made of Plastic Wire

Outdoor Sitting Area wit Red Cushions on Grey Furniture

A Red Wall in A Simple Kitchen

Red to Break the Monotony of Brown in Kitchen

Red Curtains and Classic Ivory Environment

Bed and Red Bedsheet, Cushions and Photoframes

Red Chairs with Yellow Legs

What do you think of red in house to bring a difference?

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