New Garnier White Complete Range for 10/10 Complete Fairness

With the goodness of Active White, a revolutionary whitening ingredient with 10X the power of Vitamin C and Pure Lemon Essence, Garnier White Complete is the answer to instant whitening and lasting fairness. It also provides sun protection with SPF17 and PA++. It will leave skin feeling moisturized with a healthy glow.

10 Benefits of Garnier White Complete

1. Instant Whitening
2. Sun Protection SPF17
3. Lasting Fairness
4. Glow
5. Deep Skin Whitening Actives
6. Skin Feels Fresh
7. Moisturizes Skin
8. Smoothens Skin
9. Anti-Dark Spots
10. Anti-Dullness

Garnier White Complete is the only cream that gives 10/10 Complete Fairness and is not heavy on the pocket. New Garnier White Complete is priced at Rs. 80 for 18g and Rs. 150 for 40g (also available in a sachet for Rs. 10). It has been dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types. 

It isn't a secret that I am not into fairness products. But my sister thinks that fairness products tend to make face more glowing than any other product. So, all the fairness products on SSU go out to my sister and those who believe in fairness products.

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