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I love buying and hoarding magazines. So, when I was contacted by Femina to read and review their new edition in magazines - Femina Salon and Spa - I was more than excited because first, it is a newly launched magazine; second, it's a magazine about salons, hair, spas and everything covered in between and a new addition to my pile of magazines.

Femina Salon and Spa was launched by Yaami Gautam in Mumbai in December 2013. She also covered the cover-page of December edition - of course! This magazine is all about tips, tricks and techniques of Salon and Spa shared by beauty experts all over India.Femina Salon and Spa will have total 10 editions in a year and is priced at Rs. 100. 

(If my facts are correct (I haven't clarified yet!) the price of Femina S&S could be the lowest in this industry. I have flipped through some magazines on Salons and Spas while waiting for my turn to get a hair cut and found their price to be more than Rs. 100.)

The January 2014 copy has lovely actress Aditi Rao Hydari who shares her beauty secrets candidly with FS&S. Aditi admits that she gets most of the compliments for her beautiful skin and not for her hair that she thinks should be taken care of more. While she relies on kitchen products for her skin, her hair feeds on virgin coconut oil weekly, spas in three weeks.

Get The Look

is a section in which you get to learn creating different hair styles yourself. One of five hairstyles that Aditi has donned in this edition, my favourite is the one below called - Net Of Dreams. I could have never believed if someone would tell me this hairstyle is so easy that I can do my eyes blindfolded. But thanks to FS&S, I have learned how to get this look in simple ad easy steps. If only my hair was streaked as it would look so good, I  repeat so-good on streaked or coloured hair.

 Tress Talk

Tress talk is all about the hair problems, hair solutions and hair trends.

Below, Chelsey Lloyd, Global Expert at Tigi shares her wisdom and must-haves for a colurist.  
Chelsey lloyd, Global Expert at Tigi shares her wisdom and must-haves for a colurist.

All About Makeup

Stay updated on the hottest trends of makeup from the top makeup artists like one of my favoruites - Ojas Rajani . From what I have seen (on TV) - he is a darling!

Plus, this edition covered top trends and latest techniques of applying eyeliner. My favourite was one below called - Squared Off. Others modern eyeliners were Half and Half, Architectural, Embellished The New Cat-Eye.

techniques of applying eyeliner. My favruite was one below called - Squared Off

 Also, this section covered an interview with Bobbi Brown. (Gawdddd!! I so want to try her tints, pore-fessional and a few other stuff!)

interview with Bobbi Brown


Everythng about spas - ingredients, best spas, locations and environments. What else you need to know?

Indulge  Everythng about spas - ingredients, best spas, locations and environments. What else you need to know?

The "Indulge" is huge and I haven't finished reading everything but I did read about Lavender. Knowing about Lavender (all essential oils for that matter) was so fascinating. I came to know many other usage of it (and I have started hovering my skincare drawer to find a bottle of Aromatheray Lavender oil that I have been neglecting for looooooong!)
All About Lavender - Femina Salon and Spa

Beauty Must-Know

Your go-to beauty guide. This time it covers all about dying hair.
Femina Salon and Spa - All About Dying Hair

and much more!!

It was about what I found in this magazine but now about my thoughts on it -

1. This magazine is made from an artists' point of view, for his help to get his clients what they want and how to make them satisfied. What it better? The simple language and approach of this magazine makes it comprehensive for novices, beginners like me too.

2. You will get to know what products you should use, why and why not! You would learn that sometimes getting that extra length cut-off will do good for your hair. And other annoying things that clients ask and put their stylists through. (I am so  ashamed of myself!)

3. I liked one thing that this magazine also covers what models are wearing like dress, accessories etc., despite of being a magazine that focuses on hair. (I always feel how helpful it would be if magazines also covered what makeup models are wearing!)


Subscribe to Femina Salon and Spa - 1. Online 2. Call 3. Post

I just subscribed to FS&S online and paid 700. There is an offer of you paying Rs. 1000 and getting a set of Ikonic hair brushes that I do not require at the moment. These are professional hair brushes and I have to work hard to use them!

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