I Love My Long Hair | Series of Blind-Test-Drive of Love-Long-Hair-Range - Part 2


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I am late by a day in posting the review of Love-Long-Hair Range from an "unknown" brand. Before I tell you all about my experience, here is brief of the hair issues I often face -

1. Oily scalp
2. Itchy scalp during winters due to dandruff
3. Hair gets oily, limp and lifeless in a day after wash. Say I washed my hair today, then it gets oily by next day evening.
4. Hair-fall instantly if I use wrong products.


Shampoo is white in color, creamy that lathers and cleans well. While the amount of conditioner (also white and creamier than shampoo) I used was more than other conditioners I used , spread evenly on hair (no goop falling on the bathroom-floor). The great part about both products is that they take less amount of water hence less sticky.

 I used this range first time on Februrary 26 and second time yesterday i.e. March 4. It's a difference of total 5 days. What's great about it? My hair did not get oily as fast as it did earlier. It started getting oily on March 3, that too very little that i could work with. My hair has got shinier, smells nice with subtle scent. Awesome!

Another great part about this product is that it has reduced the itching in my scalp (due to dandruff) to 0, nada. Apparently, it has reduced dandruff too!  That is really awesome, I mean I am feeling blessed. I hate dandruff!

Now, the downside! ouch! This product hasn't reduced the hair fall yet. I am still giving it a benefit of doubt that it's been just 2 washes and it might work eventually! 

So far, this range is great and I can not wait to know the brand name and the price. But this is too soon to come to a conclusion. I would share my second review by March 10 and hopefully I would have used this range for the third time.

P.S. My friends and sisters are also excited to know about this brand because everyone has hair woes, people! One has dry and thick so the second one has thin, lifeless, limp hair. One has straight hair and another one has curly hair!

Here is  before and after picture that will make the hair difference clear. The before and after pictures are taken from my Instagram profile and if you follow me on Instagram then you must have seen these pictures already.

BEFORE - Two weeks back. Blacker than the after pic because of filter used. But you can still see the hair strands - all healthy and dry, not limp and oily.
AFTER - On February 26

Below pic is taken on February 27. Still the same!

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