Product Review | Lumicare Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion For Face and Body - SPF 20


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Product Review | Lumicare Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion For Face and Body SPF 20

Remember SSU 101 Guide of Buying and Using Sunscreens? That was the day when I became more dedicated to using sunscreen. I lose interest in using a product if I don't know how to see or find the difference after application and this logic kept me away from using sunscreens but not from buying them and I thought that it is good to use products with SPF so I don't have to feel guilty about not using sunscreens. (I still feel that products with goodness of SPF are good but this is not true in some cases and more about that later)! I have thrown more than 4 sunscreens because they expired and I never used. Probably the same destiny was NOT meant for Lumicare bottle because ...

I recently came to know that if we use sunscreen on daily basis like we drink water, we will see visible difference in minimum two days and maximum a week. I do not know how much this is true for all sunscreens but it turned out to be the truth in case of Lumicare.

My face has this big pores getting prominent day by day, my skin has started drying if I don't take a good care and my biggest concern is my forehead which has always been tanned, and now getting severely wrinkled.  Using Lumicare has slowed these all bad things down (it's a bitter truth that nothing can stop aging from happening but certain products and ingredients can slow it down). If you follow me on Instagram and see my pictures before and after Februrary 20 you will see the difference. My face has started looking more youthful and texture appears to be changed. A lot of these pictures are edited with Instagram filters but you can still see the difference.

Lumicare sunscreen - is a runny, white lotion with SPF 20 provides high protection,  spreads easily. It is greasy as you put it on but skin drinks it in a jiffy. Titanium di oxide, benzophenone-3, Avobenzone are among its ingredients and expiration is set to 24 months from the manufacturing date. I apply either Lakme CC Cream or Oriflame Very Me Smoothie Foundation (in Sand) on top and it has never made me look greasy. Exactly the way I like my sunscreen to be. I must say that greasy feeling in the beginning is also something that I dislike but I try to convince myself that this is eventually bringing me a lot of good.

Availability of Lumicare sunscreen is a big question as I could not find it online. MedPlusBeauty has a page for it but it is out of stock there too. I bought it in Goa for approx Rs. 200.

In the end, I would say that no matter how ugly your sunscreen makes you look but do find a way to incorporate it in your daily routine. I have done that I can see the benefits. I also apply it all over my body now.

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