Pond's Skincare Range Specially Formulated For Men


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Pond’s Men now in India

Pond’s energizes Indian Men with a New Standard of Great Skin

Pond's Skincare Range Specially Formulated For Men
Mumbai, 9 May 2014: Dull, tired-looking skin for men is a thing of the past as global skin care pioneer - Pond’s sets out to make Indian men look bright and recharged. Pond’s is all set to energize Indian men with the launch of Pond’s Men – its international range of premium facecare products for men.  Consisting of two different product platforms:
Energy Charge and Oil Control, this range of face washes and moisturizers with special ingredients will instantly recharge and brighten your face.
Pond’s Men was launched in India at an exciting on-ground event in Mumbai. What added most to the event’s energy was Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan who is the face of the new Pond’s Men range in India. While interacting at the launch, the young actor endorsed the adoption of a regular grooming routine for all Indian men, especially daily facial skin care.

Each platform in the new Pond’s Men range features a face-wash and face-moisturizer with special ingredients and proven benefits which address the most evolving skincare concerns among Indian men. The unique invigorating Coffee Bean Extract present in the Energy Charge range is known for its skin care benefits & anti-oxidant properties. Scientifically, Coffee Bean Extract is also known to help boost collagen production, improve skin elasticity, give a smoother skin texture and add brightness to the face.  It is also known to help fight the damage caused by UV rays.
Speaking at the launch, Varun Dhawan said, “My skin has to go through a lot during a regular work day – since most of my time is spent outdoors in dusty environments. So a good face wash that can refresh my skin instantly is almost indispensable to me. I love the new Pond’s Men range of facewashes and moisturizers because they are an effective and no-fuss solution to my skin needs. Pond’s is amongst the most reputed skincare brands in the world. It is exciting to be the face of this product range for men.”  

Mr. Srinandan Sundaram, Vice President, Skincare and Colours, HUL said, “We realize that men take equal pride in their appearance as women do and being global leaders in skincare solutions, Pond’s has introduced this new range which is specially formulated for the skin needs of men. In a man’s life today, long work hours, stress & pollution adversely affect his skin making his face look dull & tired often. Pond’s Men is a first of its kind skincare range that offers the benefit of instantly bright and recharged skin for Indian men. Combining cutting-edge innovation and science, the New Ponds Men Range is formulated to make skin bright & energized and is suited for every skin type.”
Pond’s Men will be available across stores in India 25th May onwards.


About the new Pond’s Men Energy Charge range

The Pond's Men Energy Charge range contains Coffee Bean Extract, a special ingredient which is known to be an anti-oxidant and is recognized for its multiple skin benefits, such as helping to improve skin texture, thus revealing healthy looking and energized skin.

Pond's Men Energy Charge Face Wash 

  • Instantly brightens and energizes skin
  • Has Coffee Bean Extract which is known to awaken tired skin to make it look healthy and radiant
  • Has Cooling Menthol that instantly refreshes skin 

Price: 50g for Rs.90 ; 100g for Rs.150

Pond's Men Energy Charge Brightening Gel Moisturizer

  • Light and fast absorbing gel  
  • For Brightening and Energizing skin  
  • Gives a Refreshed, Healthy Glow

Price: 20g for Rs.85; 40g for Rs.135



 About the new Pond’s Men Oil Control range

The Pond’s Men Oil Control Range is the perfect skincare solution for men who want instantly refreshed skin and an oil- free look. It reduces pimple causing germs with every use to reveal a healthy glow.

Pond's Men Oil Control Face WashMineral Clay: 

  • Known to instantly absorb oil
  • Salicylic acid: Known to fight pimple causing germs
  • Witch Hazel Extract:  Known to reduce the appearance of pores

Price: 50g for Rs.95 ; 100g for Rs.160

Pond's Men Oil Control Fairness Moisturizer   

  • All day long Oil-Free look 
  • Reduces Dark Spots  
  • Instantly brightens skin for a healthy, natural glow 

Price: 20g for Rs.85; 40g for Rs.135


Pond's being one of the most favourite part of skincare all over the world, launches mens skincare products in India. Very late approach but the necessary step. Let's watch out for the reviews of these products by Indian men.

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