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Review of Lakme  Perfect Radiance Polishing Serum and Intense Whitening Light Creme

Review of Lakme  Perfect Radiance Polishing Serum and Intense Whitening Light Creme

It's been two weeks since I have been using Lakme Perfect Radiance Serum and Lightening Creme. And I felt that it is the right time to review it because I saw some difference. I totally feel that 15 days of religious application of any product does bring you a difference - good or bad. If you don't see any change in 15 days, product is definitely not working at all. So, let's move ahead -

The revolutionary Lakmé Perfect Radiance Polishing Serum and Light Crème works in 3 effective steps:

1. The luminizing vitamins make your skin more even and radiant and insta-collagen TM boosters tighten skin.

2. Light Reflecting Pearls highlights your skins texture and creates an irresistible sheen

3. The final touch is a silky smooth, polished skin finish This 3 way action gives you that high definition polished look with a glow, and makes your skin luminous and smooth in texture to keep you ramp ready always.

Using this duo has helped clear some imperfections like light blemishes on my skin that using Oriflame Time Reversing Skin Genesist Serum did not cure until now. That difference can be seen in below pic-

Before and After - Review of Lakme  Perfect Radiance Polishing Serum and Intense Whitening Light Creme
NOTE: Both pictures are taken using Samsung N7000 (Note) in the evening, in flash and wearing the same top. #nofilter

Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening™ Serum Review (BUY)

Light weight water based serum (which is more like a cream) turns pink the moment comes in contact with air snd gives a sheen when applied that turns matte within seconds. I feel like I am using a cream like primer on my face. It instantly seeps into skin leaving it matte on surface. Pleasant smell but a more on strong side, however I love it because smelling great is never out of my dictionary. If I run out of a primer, I am going to use this serum as it makes a decent base but certainly not like a primer.

Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening™ Light Crème (BUY)

Creme is also light weight, water based and same smell. It gives a sheen to skin that stays, and for some of these reasons it follows the serum. 

I used both products together as it is recommended. Both products have one great factor and that is giving a cooling sensation to face, in this summer it feels like a blessing when applied. Due to their strong floral smell, I feared that they would irritate my skin or break me out - but it did not happen. Plus I have been out in sun a lot these days (due to my brother's wedding shopping) and trust me I didn't get tanned. What-so-ever! I don't have anything bad to ay about these!!

Other details -

Did these products make me white or fair? No

Did it give glow to my skin? Yes

How many times I used them? Once daily for 17 days since April 22.

Did anyone else use these products? Yes, my 52 years old mother, and two sisters 23 and 21 years old respectively.

Their take on the products? Mother felt it made her skin hydrated and she loved the cooling sensation. My 23 years old sister felt that it made her skin buttery soft and nothing else , and 21 years old found it amazing. She might buy them soon.

I am glad to see that whitening products are not about making you white (read fair) but they are into solving other skin elated issues. I still feel that we should get rid of term whitening. 

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